Dawns Groups

Dawns (Los Angeles) – I Love You So Tonight/ Trav’lin, ’59 (Catalina 1000)

  • No B-side scan.
  • Male Group.


Dawns (NY) – How Deep Is The Ocean/ Why Did You Let Me Love You, ’59 (Climax 104)

  • Some of the Dawns (NY) gms were also part of the ‘C’ Tones on Everlast.


Dawns (NYC) – From You, Only You/ It Seems Like Yesterday, ’64 (Atco 6296)


Dawns (Philadelphia)

as Bill Harton & The Dawns – Like To See You In That Mood/ Shadow, ’64 (Lawn 241)

  • The Dawns gms: Joe Moody, George Willis, Robert Byrd and Bill Horton.


as Bill Horton – No One Can Take Your Place/ I Wanna Know, ’70 (Kayden 403)

  • The Dawns are uncredited on both sides.
  • A-side has female backing.  B-side is with male backing.
    • According to a Silhouette biography, ‘No One Can Take Your Place’ is a Bill Horton solo recording with female backing added later.