Darts Groups

Other than a few title completions, the book is correct.  I have questions about the Dot and Apt groups known in the book as (2).  The Dot (California) sounds like a duet while the Apt (NY) sounds like a vocal group.  Photos on youtube show a picture of the duet group on both releases.  The two groups do not sound alike.


Darts (NY) (Sherman & The) – Remember (It’s Only You And I)/ Rockin’ At Midnight, ’57 (Fury 1014)


Darts (NY-Group Background) – On My Mind/ Well Baby, ’58 (Apt 25023) (The group does not sound like the Fury group.)


Darts (California-Duet) – Gee-Ver-Men-Nee-Vers/ Sweet Little Baby, ’58 (Dot 15752)


Darts (Peoria, Ill) (Herb Price & The) – Gone Too Long/ Shimmy Shimmy (Cha Cha Cha), ’59 (Tempus 1506)



Darts (UK)

– Come Back My Love, ’78 (Magnet-United Artists LP 850G (2-1))

– Sometime Lately, ’78 (Magnet-United Artists LP 850G (1-4))

– False Alarm, ’81 (Kat Family LP JW37356 (B4)

(The book listed only these three songs for the British doowop revival band.  Their releases are plentiful with a discography on discogs.com/Darts-The-Boy-From-New-York-City/master/9… and many other internet sites.)


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