Darnells/ Darnels Groups

Darnells (Wisconsin) – Besame’ [sic] Mucho, ’62 (Sara 1055)

Darnells (Wisconsin) (Vocalist Gary Lane) – (She, She) Little Shelia [sic], ’62 (Sara 1055)


Marvelettes – Forever/ Locking Up My Heart, ’63 (Tamla 54077)


Marvelettes as The Darnells (Motown) – Come On Home/ Too Hurt To Cry, Too Much In Love To Say Goodbye, ’63 (Gordy 7024)


Darnels (Jersey City NJ) (Gus Gordon & The) – In The Valley Of The Roses, ’57 (Bana 525)

Darnels (Jersey City NJ) – My Little Homin’ Pigeon, ’57 (Bana 525)


as Teen Dreams – The Time/ Why Why, ’62 (Vernon 100)

  • # on label is N80W 5633.


as Debbie & The Teen Dreams – Santa, Teach Me To Dance/ The Time, ’62 (Vernon 101)

  • No scan found for titles under this group name.


Debbie & The Darnels (Connecticut) (w The Passengers)

– Santa, Teach Me To Dance/ The Time, ’62 (Vernon 101)

– Daddy/ Mr Johnny Jones, ’62 (Columbia 42530)


2 thoughts on “Darnells/ Darnels Groups

  1. The Wisconsin Darnells were from Milwaukee. Led by guitarist Denny King (Ottenbacher), the band went through many changes from about 1959-64. I was a member in 1963, during which we spent the summer in SoCal & recorded for Tide Records. My story on the band is on the garagehangover site.

    >> (Vocalist Larry Vane) <<
    That should be Gary Lane.

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