Darlings Groups & Related Credits

Darlings (NY) (w Snub Mosley Quintet) – In The Evening/ Let’s Go Fishing, ’59 (Penguin 06-98/99)



Darlings (Detroit) – Please Let Me Know/ Two Time Loser, ’63 (Mercury 72185)

(Group Members: Donna King, Judy Cutler, Mariane August.)



Darlings (LA) as Dynels (ref Steve Venet) – Let’s Do It Again/ Boy Friend, ’62 (Dot 16382)


Darlings (LA) as Postalettes – He Played One, Two, Three, Four, ’63 (Dore 662)

credited as Instrumental – Like Chalypso, ’63 (Dore 662)


Darlings (LA) (Group Members:  Oma Heard, Carlotta Robertson & Maxine and Julia Waters)

Darlings (LA) – To Know Him Is To Love Him, ’63 (Dore 663)

credited as Instrumental – Train Out Of Memphis {I}, ’63 (Dore 663)

Darlings (LA) – He Played 1, 2, 3, 4/ My Pillow, ’63 (Dore 677)


Darlings (LA) as Delicates

– He Played 1,2,3,4/ My Pillow, ’63 (Dee Dee 677) (Scans found.)

– (This Old Man) Played 1,2,3,4/ My Pillow, ’63 (Celeste 676)


The LA Darlings (with most of the same members) were also the Sa-Shays, Utmosts.

Sa-Shays & The Royal Impalas (ref Darlings (LA)) – Boo Hoo Hoo/ You Got Love, ’61 (Alfi 1 & Zen 101)


– Here Comes Love/ I’ll Make You Love Me, ’63 (Zen 109) (Not in book.)

This Is My Story/ On That Beautiful Day, ’63 (Zen 110) (Book dated 1961)

Utmosts (ref Darlings (LA)) – I Need You/ Big Man, ’62 (Pan-Or 1123)


Dynels (Los Angeles) – Just A Face In The Crowd/ C’mon Little Darlin’, ’64 (Natural 7001)

(The members included in the 1964 group of Dynels sound like variations of the Darlings-connected groups.  Any confirmation would be helpful.)


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