Darlettes Groups

Darlettes (Bronx) originally Rosettes – You Broke My Heart/ It Must Be Love, ’61 (Herald 562)

Darlettes (Bronx) (Diane & The) – Just You/ The Wobble, ’62 (Dunes 2016)

Darlettes (Bronx) – Just You/ Here She Comes, ’63 (Dunes 2026)



Darlettes (LA) – Lost/ Sweet Kind Of Loneliness, ’65 (Mira 203)



Darlettes (NY Girl Group) – Love Will Make You Cry/ To Reconcile, ’65 (Taffi 100)



Dar-Lett’s – He’s Gonna Get It/ Til I Fell In Love, ’64 (Shell 101)


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