Darchaes & Nicky Addeo

Darchaes as Ben White & The Darchaes (w Al Browne’s Band) – Jocko Sent Me/ Nation Wide-Stamps [sic], ’62 (Aljon 1247-1248)


Darchaes as Ben White & The Darchaes (Al Browne & Orch) – Jocko Sent Me, ’62 (Coney Island 1059)

Darchaes as Ray & The DarchaesDarling Forever, ’62 (Coney Island 1059)

(No scan for b-side.  The book listed ‘Nation-Wide Stamps by Ben White & The Darchaes.  popsike.com/Doo-Wop-Ben-White-the-Darchaes-Coney-Isla… lists the flip as posted)


Darchaes (Ray & The) (w Al Browne’s Orchestra) – Carol/ Little Girl So Fine, ’62 (Aljon 1249-1250)

Darchaes (Ray & The) – Darling Forever/ There Will Always Be, ’62 (Buzzy 202)


Nicky Addeo (w The Darchaes) – Gloria/ Bring Back Your Heart, ’63 (Savoy 200 & Earl’s 1533)


Nicky Addeo as Nick Addeo – Where There Is Love/ You Can Depend On Me, ’64 (Mededy 1417)

(Artist/Label name correction.  No group is credited.)


Darchaes (Nickie Addeo, Sam Siciliano Patsy Siciliano & Bobby Castellano) – Pain In My Heart/ Danny Boy, ’79 (Nobell 7001)


Darchaes (ft 16-year-old Nicky Addeo) – Y-O-U (You) (1961 Rehearsal), ’80 (Clifton 56)

Darchaes (ft Nicky Addeo) – Life Is But A Dream (Recorded in 1971), ’80 (Clifton 56)


Nicky Addeo as ‘The Uniques’ (ft Nickie Addeo) – Over The Rainbow/ Fool Number Two, ’64 (Selsom 104) (Book listed as Darchaes.)


Barbaroso & The Historians (fb Nicky Addeo) (Backed by Ray & The Darchaes) – Zoom (A Capella)/ When I Fall In Love (A Capella), ’64 (Jade 110)


Nicky Addeo & The Plazas (Allenhurst NJ) (Music by The Counts) – Danny Boy/ A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening, ’64 (Revelation VII-101)

(The Plazas are Bobby Stern, Tony Ventura, Danny Ugarte & Joe Ugarte.  The Counts are Harry Feinhals, Bob Speck, Stuart Serine, Bill Fitzgerald & Richard Dinar.  Thanks to (www.45cat.com/record/nc966063us).  (Book dated 1962.)


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