Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool

– I’ll Never Smile Again/ Daddy Rocks Off, ’72 (Reprise 1090) (Scans found for both sides.  Promo label has ‘I’ll Never Smile Again on both sides.)

– Daddy Rocks Off, 72 (Reprise LP 2088 1-2)

– I’ll Never Smile Again, ’72 (Reprise LP 2088 1-4) (Scan was from Reprise disc.)


Daddy Cool – ’Sex, Dope, Rock N’ Roll: Teenage Heaven LP (Sparmac Productions-Australia)

Side 1: Hi Honey Ho, Daddy Rocks Off, Please Please America (Hear My Plea), Sixty Minute Man, Baby Let Me Bang Your Box. (Reprise 2088 has I’ll Never Smile Again as 1-4 instead of Sixty Minute Man.)

Side 2: Teen Love, Drive In Movie, Love In An F.J., Donna Forgive Me, Make Your Stash.


Gms: Ross Wilson, Ross Hanford, Jerry No-one, Wayne Duncan, Gary Young.


The Australian rock band has many doowop covers. has their story.


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