Dean Barlow Groups (Crickets, Bachelors & Montereys)

Crickets (First Group)

– Be Faithful (ft Dean Barlow), ’53 (Beacon 104) (Flip is Sleepy Little Cowboy by the Deep River Boys.)

– When I Met You/ Dreams And Wishes, ’53 (Jay-Dee 777)

– I’m Not The One You Love/ Fine As Wine, ’53 (Jay-Dee 781)

– You’re Mine/ Milk And Gin, ’53 (MGM 11428)

– I’ll Cry No More/ For You I Have Eyes, ’53 (MGM 11507)

– I’m Going To Live My Life Alone [ft Dean Barlow]/ The Man From The Moon, ’54 (Jay-Dee 795)

– I’m Going To Live My Life Alone/ The Man From The Moon, ’58 (Davis 459)

as Dean Barlow & The Crickets – Be Faithful/ I’m Not The One You Love, ‘63 (Beacon 555)


Crickets (Second Group) (ft Dean Barlow)

– Changing Partners/ Your Love, ’54 (Jay-Dee 785)

– Just You/ My Little Baby’s Shoes, ’54 (Jay-Dee 786)


Crickets (Third Group) (ft Dean Barlow) – Never Give Up Hope/ Are You Looking For A Sweetheart, ’54 (Jay-Dee 789)



Bachelors (Bronx-NY) – I Want To Know About Love/ Dolores, ’55 (Earl 101)

Dean Barlow & The Bachelors (Bronx-NY) – Baby/ Tell Me Now, ’55 (Earl 102)



Montereys (Bronx-NY) (Dean Barlow & The) 

– Dearest One/ Through The Years, ’57 (Onyx 513)

– Angel/ Tell Me Why, ’57 (Onyx 517)

as Monterteys – Dearest One/ Through The Years, ’64 (Relic 511)

(The Montereys on Nestor/Teenage are a different group.)



Dean Barlow (& Group)

– Baby Doll/ Third Window From The Right, ’61 (Lescay 3004)

– It’s All In Your Mind (I’m Not Cheatin’ On You)/ Friendly People, ’61 (Warwick 618)

– Love Is That You/ Little Sister, ’61 (7 Arts 704)



Dean Barlow – Yesterday’s Kisses/ The Night Before Last, ’63 (Lescay 3010)

Dean Barlow & The Tone-Deafs – Night Before Last, ’94 (Relic LP 7066)

(The Golden Era Of Doowops-Beltone is a reissue of Relic LP 5028.  Listings vary with spelling of Tone-Deafs or Tone Deafs and some list as Dean Barlow.  No jacket back cover was found.)


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