Cymbals Groups

Cymbals (Calif)

– One Step Too Far/ Shout Mama Linda, ’62 (Amazon 709)

– Way In The Night/ The Voice Of A Fool, ’63 (Dot 16472)


as Fred Hughes (Compton California) – One Step Too Far/ Shout Mama Linda, ’65 (Minasa 709)

  • Born in Arkansas and moved to Compton California.
  • As/, he first recorded with The Cymbals in 1962.
    • This source further states he shared a producer (Lonnie Hewitt) with the Ballads.
      • This bit of info might explain how he becomes credited as a Ballards/Ballads group member on discographies and bootleg CDs.


Cymbals (Harlem NYC) (Lee Williams & The)

– Peepin’ (Through The Window)/ Lost Love, ’65 (Carnival 527)

What Am I Guilty Of/ LC Funk, ’71 (Rapda 1002)

as The New Cymbals – What Am I Guilty Of?/ LC Funk, ’72 (De-Lite 549)

(Beyond the book’s listings, see


Cymbols (Minneapolis) (Little Sonny Knight & The) – My Darling/ Tears On My Pillow (New Teenage 5001)

(Tears On My Pillow was recorded in 1965.)


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