Contenders Groups & Related Connections

Contenders (FL Label) spelled as Continders (ft Clifford Curry) – Mr Dee Jay/ Yes I Do, ’59 (Blue Sky 105)

(The book, label discographies and other reliable sources date as 1959 but several Clifford Curry discographies date as 1965.  Musically Mr Dee Jay sounds more like 1959.)



Contenders (Cincinnati) (Rollie Willis & The) – Whenever I Get Lonely/ That’s The Way, ’62 (Saxony 1001 & Saxony 2001, ’93)



Contenders (LA)

– The Dune Buggy/ Go Ahead, ’64 (Chattahoochee 644)

– Johnny B Goode/ Rise ‘N’ Shine, ’64 (Chattahoochee 656)



Contenders (Penn)

– The Clock (reissue)/ Look At Me, ’66 (Java 101)

– Lovely Lover/ Surprise, ’66 (Java 102)

– I Like It Like That/ Lovely Lover/ I Like It Like That, ’66 (Java 103)

– Hetta Hetta/ I Know Somewhere, ’66 (Java 104)

– Gunga Din/ Wake Up In The Morning, ’67 (Whitney Sound 1929) (No scan for b-side.)


previously Lytations as Zeppers – Let’s Forget The Past/ Rhythm Train, ’63 (Longfiber 202) (Book listed as Zippers.  Label scan confirmed as Zeppers.)


previously Lytations as Five Scripts – Peace Of Mind/ The Clock, ’63 (Longfiber 201)


previously Lytations as 5 Scripts – You Left My Heart/ My Friends Tell Me, ’65 (Script 102-103)


previously as Lytations – Over The Rainbow/ Look Into The Sky, ’64 (Times Square 107)


previously Lytations as Kaptions – Dreaming Of You/ I Know Somewhere, ’66 (Ham-Mil 1520)


previously Lytations as Five Shits – Stormy Weather/ My Pretty Little Girl, ’70 (Chance 1163)


previously Lytations as 5 Shits (Formerly The Miracles) – Dreaming Of You/ Let Me Tell You, ’73 (Lost-Cause 100) (Let Me Tell You was a Lytations demo)


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