Clickettes as Avalons (Manhattan-NY) – Louella (Unknown Male Lead)/ You Broke Our Hearts, ’58 (Dice 90-91)


Clickettes (gm Barbara Jean English, Sylvia Hammond, Trudy McCartney & Charlotte McCartney.)

– Jive Time Turkey/ A Teenagers [sic] First Love, ’58 (Dice 83-84)

– Warm Soft And Lovely/ Why Oh Why, ’59 (Dice 94-95)

– Where Is He/ The Lone Lover, ’60 (Guyden 2043)

– Dreams Come True/ Kiss And Make It Better (BJM 10) (Scans found.)


Clickettes as Click-Etts – But, Not For Me/ I Love You, I Swear, ’58 (Dice 100)

Clickettes as Click-Ettes – Lover’s Prayer/ Grateful, ’59 (Dice 96-97)


Clickettes as Clicketts – To Be A Part Of You/ Because Of My Best Friend, ’60 (Dice 92-93)

Clickettes as Click-Etts – To Be A Part Of You/ Because Of My Best Friend (Dice 92-93-reissue)


Fashions (Manhattan-NY) (ref Barbara English)

– Dearest One/ All I Want, ’61 (Warwick 646)

– Fairy Tales/ Please Let It Be Me, ’62 (Elmor 301)

as Fashions (Barbara English & The) – Fever/ Bad News, ‘62 (Roulette 4450)



New Clickettes  – I Just Can’t Help It/ I Just Can’t Help It (Sing Along Track) {I}, ’63 (Checker 1060)

(Zell Sanders owned the Clickettes name.  Members of this Clickettes group are: Lezli Valentine, Marie Hood and Louise Harris who also released songs under one of Sanders’ inter-related Hearts groups.)

as Hearts (NY)

– I Understand Him/ I Understand Him (‘Sing-along’ track), ’63 (Tuff 373)

– Dear Abby/ Dear Abby (Sing Along Track) {I}, ’63 (Tuff 370)



Clickettes (Angie & The) error – Tommy, ’59 (Apt 25080)

(By Angie & The Chicklettes b/w Treat Him Tender, Maureen (Now That Ringo Belongs To You).  Book also entered under the Chicklettes.)


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