Chanters Groups

The RPM, Kem and Combo groups are California connected.  Sources with The Combo group listings stay within that label.  It seems likely, but unknown, that the RPM and Kem groups are unrelated and do not appear to be related to each other.


Chanters (Beverly Hills CA) – She Wants To Mambo/ Tell Me, Thrill Me, ’54 (RPM 415)



Chanters (Hollywood CA Label) – Lonesome Me (ft Tabby Calvin), ’55 (Kem 2740) (Scan found.)

Chanters (Hollywood CA Label) – The Golden Apple (ft Sherri Barton), ’55 (Kem 2740) (Scan found.)



Chanters (Santa Monica) group members: Gene Ford, Alan Boyd, Billy Boyd & Ethyl Brown.)

Chanters (Santa Monica) (Brother Woodman & The) (ft Gene Ford) – Watts/ Why, ’55 (Combo 78)


Chanters (Santa Monica CA) (Gene Ford & The) (Brother Woodman’s Combo) – I Love You, ’55 (Combo 92)

Chanters (Santa Monica CA) (ft Ethel Brown) (Brother Woodman’s Combo) – Hot Mamma, ’55 (Combo 92)


Chanters (Santa Monica CA) – Do You Remember, ’88 (Relic LP 5076)



Chanters (Queens NY)

– My My Darling/ I Need Your Tenderness (I Love You Darling), ’58 (DeLuxe 6162)

– Row Your Boat/ Stars In The Skies, ’58 (DeLuxe 6166)

– Five Little Kisses/ Angel Darling, ’58 (DeLuxe 6172)

– I Make This Pledge (To You)/ No, No, No, ’61 (DeLuxe 6191)

– At My Door/ My My Darling, ’61 (DeLuxe 6194)

– Row Your Boat/ No, No, No, ’63 (DeLuxe 6200)


Chanters (Queens NY) (Bud Johnson & The) – No, No, No/ Over The Rainbow, ’58 (DeLuxe 6177)


as Budd Johnson Orch & Voices Five – You’re Driving Me Crazy/ On The Alamo, ’59 (Stere-O-Craft 111 & Craft 111)


as Budd Johnson Orch & Voices Five  All Alone/ For Sentimental Reasons, ’59 (Craft 116)

(Scans found for both sides and are credited as/the post.  As/ Marv Goldberg the A-side is a solo by Budd Johnson Sr and it sounds like him.  The B-side has group involvement.)



Chanters (NYC) (Bud Johnson & Stevie Garner Group) – Heavenly You/ What Are You Doin’ (SSP 1001)



Chanters (Girl Group) (ref Milan The Leather Boy) – Free As A Bird/ Bongo Bongo, ’67 (MGM 13750)


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