Chancellors Groups

Chancellors (NY Label) (w Joe Leahy Orch) – Too Many Memories/ Everything Has A Place, ’56 (Unique 341)



Chancellors (Long Island-NY) (Billy Rock Orch) – There Goes My Girl/ Tell Me You Love Me, ’57 (Port 5000)

(This mixed racial group became the Five Chancellors.

as Five Chancellors – There Goes My Girl/ Tell Me You Love Me, ’57 (Port 5000)



Chancellors (NJ-White Group)

– I’m Comin’ Home/ Gotta Little Baby, ’57 (XYZ 104)

(Book error listing as XYZ #601 in 1959.  The scans are for ‘Fire Engine Red Bandana (Motorcycle Quenn)/ Shy Boy by Tommy Payne.  See comment.)

– Seaport At Sunset/ Chalypso Train, ’58 (XYZ 105)



Chancellors (Detroit Label) – I Really Really Do/ My Thoughts To You, ’59 (Storm 503)



Chancellors (NY-Brent Group) – Upside Down/ Straightaway, ’62 (Brent 7031) {I}



Chancellors (Minnesota)

– Yo! Yo!/ Little Latin Lupe Lu, ’65 (Soma 1421)

– So Fine/ I’m A Man, ’65 (Soma 1435)



Chancellors (Manchester UK) – My Girl/ Jenny Jenny, ’65 (USA 783)

(I’m not 100% on group location but 100% sure it’s not doowop.)



Chancellors (West Michigan)

– One In A Million/ Journey {I}, ’66 (Fenton 2066)

– Dear John/5 Minus 3 {I}, ’66 (Fenton 2072)



Chancellors (Washington DC) – Sad Avenue/ All The Way From Heaven, ’67 (Cap City 107)


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