Centuries Groups

Centuries (New York) – In This Whole World/ Mine All Mine, ’61 (Life 501)



Centuries (Unknown Origin) (Tommy & The) – I Don’t Care/ Mister Mirror, ’62 (Luna 3076)

(While the scan is faded, the seller and other sources list as Tommy & The Centuries.  The book listed as ‘Ronny & The Centuries.)



Centuries (New Haven Connecticut)

– Crying For You, ’62 (Times Square 5 & Relic LP 5044 A2) (Flip is Oh Darling by the Jaytones.)

– Betty, ’63 (Times Square 15 & Relic LP 5044 A4) (Flip is Ride Away by the Revlons (NY))

(Other than sharing a label side, there is no relationship between the Centuries (CT) group, the Jaytones or the Revlons.  The titles are thought to be unreleased Standord titles recorded in 1956.)



Centuries (Oklahoma)

– Lonely Girl/ I’d Cry For You, ’66 (Rich 102)

– Just Today/ Don’t Let It Fade Away, ’66 (Rich 112)



Centuries (Pittsburgh)

– Time After Time, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A4)

– Please Don’t Go, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A7)

– Willette, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-B2)

– When I’m With You, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-B5)

(Relic LP 5053 (Skyliners Pre Flight) were generally unreleased titles by the Cresents and Centuries.  Various members from each group form the Skyliners.)


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