Casinos (Ohio)

Casinos (Ohio) (First group) as The Casino’s – Do You Recall (2:24)/ Teach’er, ’62 (Name .001 (7739/40) (gms: Joe Patterson, Roger West, Marc Brown and singer-guitarist Ray White with JT Sears as lead.)


as The Casinos (Ohio) (First group) (Accom The Saturns) – Do You Recall (2:29)/ The Swim, ’63 (Olimpic 251 & Itzy 404, ’64)



Casinos (Ohio) (Second group) – Lovely One/ Gee Whiz, ’64 (Terry 115)

Casinos (Ohio) (Second group) as Casino’s – That’s The Way/ Too Good To Be True, ’64 (Terry 116 & Airtown 886, ’67) 

(Varying personnel changes, gms ?  The Terry sides were Produced by Gene Hughes-Arranged by Kenny Smith.)



Casinos (Ohio) (Third group) – Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/ I Still Love You, ’67 (fraternity 977)

(The book did not list this nine-piece group or any of their titles.  Members included Gene Hughes, Glenn Hughes, Joe Patterson, Ray White, Pete Bolton, Bob Armstrong, Tom Mathews, Mickey Denton and Bill Hawkins,  ‘Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye’ was their only hit.)


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