Casanovas (North Carolina)

Label scans verify that the single listings in the book are correct and are posted here for continuity and spelling variations released on albums.


Casanovas (North Carolina)

– That’s All/ Are You For Real, ’55 (Apollo 471)

– It’s Been A Long Time/ Hush-A-Meca, ’55 (Apollo 474)

– I Don’t Want You To Go/ Please Be My Love, ’55 (Apollo 477)

– My Baby’s Love/ Sleepy Head Mama, ’55 (Apollo 483)

– Please Be Mine/ For You and You Alone, ’57 (Apollo 519)

– You Are My Queen/ (I Got A) Good Lookin’ Baby, ’58 (Apollo 523)


In error, the book lists the unreleased sides on Apollo LP 1004.  Scans were found for a green wax and a reissue.  The sides are flipped on the reissue.  The green wax tracking is:

Side A: I Don’t Want You To Go, For You And You Alone, Please Be My Love, Please Be Mine, You Are My Queen, Good Lookin’ Baby.

Side B: Hush-A-Meca, It’s Been A Long Time, My Baby’s Love, Sleepy Head Mama, That’s All, Are You For Real.


The unreleased tracks are on The Casanovas Sing ‘You Are My Queen’: The Best Of The Casanovas (Apollo-Relic 5073).  The book does list Relic 5073 and the unreleased are noted here.

Side A: You Are My Queen, Are You For Real, That’s All, Hush-A-Mecca [sic], Listen To The Bells (Acapela-unreleased), Good Lookin’ Baby, It’s Been A Long Time, My Love For You (Unreleased).

Side BLove Me Baby (Unreleased), I Don’t Want You To Go, Sleepy Head Mama, Night Rider (Unreleased), Please Be My Love, My Babys [sic] Love, Please Be Mine.


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