Carter Rays/Carterays & Eddie Carter Quartet

Eddie Carter Quartet

– Don’t Turn Your Back On Me/ Eat ‘Em Up, ’53 (MGM 11405)

– Little Joe/ Ooh-Lovin’ Baby, ’75 (Monogram 107) (Book credited as Eddie Carter.)


Eddie Carter & The Carter Rays – Kiss Me Goodnite, ’54 (Sound 104)

Eddie Carter & Lionel Robinson – Ooh Baby, ’54 (Sound 104)


Eddie Carter & The Carterays  – Ooh Baby, ’54 (Sound 105)

Lionel Robinson  – These Are The Things That Matter, ’54 (Sound 105)



Carter Rays

– Take Everything But You/ Cool Whailin Papa [sic], ’54 (Grand 107-second pressing) (Second pressing as/the book.)

(Book lists the (first pressing) asby Eddie Carter & The Carter Rays, spelling the b-side as Cool Wailin’ Papa.  Scans are needed for the first pressing.)


– My Secret Love/ Ding Dong Darling, ’57 (Lyric 2001 & Gone 5006)

(Lyric & Gone scans found for titles as posted.  The book listed b-sides as ‘Ding Dong Daddy.’)



Carter Rays as Carter-Rays – Bless You/ Keep Listening To Your Heart, ’61 (Mala 433) (The book credited as Carter Rays.)



Gloria Mann (With The Carter Rays)

– Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite/ Love-Me-Boy, ’54 (S-L-S 102)

– Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight/ Love-Me-Boy, ’54 (Jubilee 5142)


Gloria Mann (With The Carter-Rays)  I’m Living My Life For You/ The Waltz You Saved For Me, ’54 (Sound 102)

(Scans found.  The book listed asby Gloria Mann & The Carterays.)


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