Carnations Groups & Related Connections

Carnations (Derby Group) – Tree In The Meadow/ Clown Of The Masquerade, ’52 (Derby 789)

(The Eddie Wilcox Orchestra had some releases on the Derby label.)



Carnations (Savoy Group) – The Angels Sent You To Me/ Night Time Is The Right Time, ’55 (Savoy 1172)

(The book included with the Derby Group but they are unrelated.  Jazz discographies list gms as:  Budd Johnson (tenor saxophone) Ernie Hayes (piano) Leroy Kirkland (piano, arranger) Mickey Baker (guitar) Milt Hinton (bass) Panama Francis (drums) The Carnations (vocal group))



Carnations (Unknown) – You Gave Me Peace Of Mind, ’54 (Music City 736) (No info found.)



Carnations (NY-Enrica Group) (Eddie Wilcox Orch) – Gimme’ Gimme’ Gimme/ Love Open Up My Heart, ’59 (Enrica 1001)

(The Enrica label was formed in 1957 in New York by Ted McCrae (Rae-Cox) and Eddie Wilcox.)



Carnations (Kentucky) (Ray Allen & The) – A Fool In Love/ Betty Jo, ’59 (Ace 130)


(While members of the instrumental releases change, they are connected through Ray Allen and Hardy Martin.  The book listed as (3-Fraternity) (4-Ace) (5-University) and (7) groups.)

Carnations (Kentucky)

– Casual {I}/ Red Wing {I}, ’60 (Fraternity 863)

– Wing And A Prayer {I}/ Leap Year {I}, ’60 (University 606)

– Scorpion {I}/ Fireball Mail {I}, ’61 (Tilt 780)

– Funny Time {I}/ Punctuation {I}, ’63 (Laurie 3163)


Cosmo (Music By The Carnations (Kentucky) – I’m A Little Mixed Up/ You Can’t Get Kissed (When You Twist), ’61 (Tilt 787)



Startones/Teardrops/Carnations:  Matthew Morales and Harvey Arrington were both members of a Junior High School group of Startones formed in 1954 in Bridgeport Connecticut.  After leaving the service, the group was reformed (with member changes) in 1959 as the Teardrops.  As The Teardrops they backed Bo Diddley on I’m Sorry and Crackin’ Up.  They became the Carnations when they signed with Beltone Records and released Long Tall Girl b/w Is There Such A World on the Beltone-Lescay label.  Group members: Matthew Morales (Lead), Harvey Arrington, Edward Kennedy, Carl Hatton, Tommy Blackwell (Bass))


Bo Diddley (BB Teardrops (CT-uncredited)) – I’m Sorry/ Oh Yea (No Group), ’59 (Checker 914)

(The book listed with the Carnations (Kentucky).  The Marquees were Bo Diddley’s former backing group.)


Bo Diddley (BB Teardrops (CT-uncredited)) – Crackin’ Up/ The Great Grandfather (No Group), ’59 Checker 924)


Carnations-Beltone Group (Connecticut) – Long Tall Girl/ Is There Such A World, ’61 (Lescay 3002)



Carnations (Garage Grp) – Sleepy Hollow/ Barbary Coast, ’60 (Terry-Tone 199) (No scans found.  Sleepy Hollow appears on Garage Tapes #205 (B08).  Barbary Coast is on Garage Tapes #236 (B-08)) (Listings are at and


4 thoughts on “Carnations Groups & Related Connections

  1. Carnations (Arizona) instr.
    ”Dive bommber” & ”Renegade” (on CD Hadley Murrells Garage Arizona). Fine tunes!
    Greatings from Hanst, Holland.

    • Welcome Hanst
      Both instrumental cuts were too late for doowop but can be heard on the net. Thanks for sending the info to the music.

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