Capris Groups

Capris (Philadelphia) (gms: Rena (sp) Hinton, Ruben Wright, Eddie Warner, Harrison Scott, and Bobby Smart.)

– God Only Knows/ That’s What You’re Doing To Me, ’54 (Gotham G-304)

– It Was Moonglow/ Too Poor To Love, ’55 (Gotham G-306 )

– It’s A Miracle/ Let’s Linger Awhile, ’56 (Gotham 7308)

– My Weakness/ Yes, My Baby Please, ’58 (20th Century 1201)


– God Only Knows/ That’s What You’re Doing To Me, ’57 (20th Century 7304)

– God Only Knows/ That’s What You’re Doing To Me, ’64 (Lost Nite 112)

(This release is not in the book.  The a-side scan was found for both the Lost Nite 112 & Lost-Nite 112 pressings.)


Capris (Philadelphia), ’90 (Collectables LP 5………….o Me, It Was Moonglow, She Still Loves Me, 

11-21: My Weakness outtake, Milk And Gin, I Miss Your Love, Yes, My Baby Please, Just A Fool, That’s What You’re Doing To Me outtake, It Was Moonglow outtake, Too Poor To Love, Please Believe Me, Let’s Linger Awhile outtake, My Weakness, Yes, My Baby Please outtake.



Mel Williams-uncredited featuring The Capris (Calif) – Oo Wah/ Fools Fall In Love, ’54 (Rage 101)



Capris (Rochester NY) – Oh, My Darling/ Rock, Pretty Baby, ’58 (Lifetime 610 & Candlelite 422, ’63)

(The book listed as part of the Philadelphia group.)



Hollywood Saxons as The Capris (LA)

– Endless Love, ’59 (Tender 518) (The flip ‘Beware’ is released as Jessie Belvin & The Capris but is reported to be a reissue by Jesse Belvin on Cash 1056.)

– Endless Love (Slow Version)/ Endless Love (Fast Version), ’65 (Impact 34)



Capris (Fable (Trio)) – Can’t Get Over You/ This Is Goodbye, ’59 (Fable 665)

(/youtube, group members are Kenneth Williams, Libby Weiner, Esther Weiner.  Scans were not found.)



Capris (NY-Sabre) – My Promise To You/ Bop! Bop! Bop!, ’59 (Sabre 201-202)



Capris (Queens)

– There’s A Moon Out Tonight/ Indian Girl, ’58 (Planet 1010-11, Old Town 1094, ’60, Lost Nite (pink) 101, ’60, Trommers 101, ’60)

– Where I Fell In Love/ Some People Think, ’61 (Old Town 1099)

– Tears In My Eyes/ Why Do I Cry, ’61 (Old Town 1103)

– Girl In My Dreams/ My Island In The Sung, ’61 (Old Town 1107)

– Limbo/ From The Vine Came The Grape, ’62 (Mr Peacock 118 & Mr Peeke 118, ’63) (No scans as Mr Peacock.)


Capris (Queens)

– Morse Code Of Love/ There’s A Moon Out Again, ’82 (Ambient Sound 02697)

– A Hum Diddily Dee Do, ’82 (Collectables LP 5016 (1-3)) (See comment for LP scan link for accurate spelling of title.)

– Stars In The Sky (Recorded 1961), ’82 (Collectables LP 5016 (1-5))


– Little Girl/ When (Lost-Nite 148)

(This is a Philadelphia label but it is not the Philadelphia group.  The book dated as N/A.  According to, the sides belong to the Queens group.  Another source says it is not theirs.  Need credible authority if it is or not.  See comment dated 05/10/18.)


2 thoughts on “Capris Groups

  1. My Weakness/ Yes, My Baby Please, ’56 (20th Century 1201)
    Per “Echoes Of The Past” magazine this record was released in 1958.

    Little Girl/ When (Lost-Nite 148)
    Released in 1964.
    This Lost Nite 45 was released for the sole purpose of making people believe it was the white NYC Capris,but it is a black Philly group.

    A Hum Diddly [sic] Dee Do, ’82 –> A Hum Diddily Dee Do

    • The date on ‘My Weakness/ Yes, My Baby Please’ was corrected to 1958. Thanks for sending the article. Another good read.

      The confirming scan link puts the spelling of ‘A Hum Diddily Dee Do’ at rest. Thanks for finding this elusive scan.

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