Cap-Tans, L’Cap-Tans & Related Artists

Most scans found were repos and their creditidation is used in this post.  Any corrections are welcome.

Cap-Tans formerly as The Progressive Four – Yes/ Satchel Mouth Baby, ’48 (DC 8048) (No scans found. The book spelled Satchel Mouth as one word which is used by other artists.  Other sources spelled as two words.)

as Jerry Strong (w The Progressive Four) – My Mother’s Eyes/ Basin Street Blues, ’48 (Paragon 8047)


Cap-Tans backing Paul Chapman – Coo-Coo Jug Jug (That’s The Song Of The Birds)/ You’ll Always Be My Sweetheart, ’48 (DC 8054) (No scans found.)



– Goodnight Mother/ Let’s Put Our Cards On The Table, ’49 (DC 8064)

(Scans and some sources say credit is as Cap-Tans.  Other sources listing as the Cap-Tans backing Paul Chapman are without scan support.)


– I’m So Crazy For Love/ Crazy About My Honey Dip, ’50 (Dot 1009) (Scans found.)

– With All My Love/ Chief, Turn The Hose On Me, ’50 (Dot 1018) (Scans found.)



Cap-Tans as Captans – Asking/ Who Can I Turn To, ’51 (Coral 65071) (B-side scan found.)


Cap Tans – My, My, My, Ain’t She Pretty/ Never Be Lonely, ’51 (Gotham 233) (Scan for a-side.)



– Yes/ Waiting At The Station, ’51 (Gotham 268) (No scans found.)

– I’m So Crazy For Love/ With All My Love, ’53 (Dot 15114)



Cap-Tans as L’Cap-Tans – The Bells Ring Out/ Call The Doctor, ’58 (Hollywood 1092)


Cap-Tans as L’Cap-Tans (with The ‘Go’ Boys) – Homework/ Say Yes, ’59 (DC 0416) (Scan found for ‘Say Yes.’)


Cap-Tans as L’Cap-Tans (with The ‘Go’ Boys) – Homework/ Say Yes, ’59 (Savoy 1567) (Savoy leased from DC)


Cap-Tans – Tight Skirts & Crazy Sweaters/ I’m Afraid, ’60 (Anna 1122)


as Bob Marshall’s Crystals (Jerry Holland with The Cap-Tans [sic]) – A Big Bite Of The Blues, ’62 (DC 0433)

(Book listed both sides as The Captans [sic] (Jerry Holland & The) and dated 1959.  The 1962 date is approximate. The Cap-Tans members are unknown.  The flip is an instrumental  ‘Ain’t No Big Thing’ credited as Bob Marshall & The Crystals.)


Cap-Tans credited as Wailing Bethea & The Captans – Rockin’ In The Jungle/ Annie Penguin, ’62 (Hawkeye 0430)


Cap-Tans as Bethea & The Cap-Tans

– Crazy About A Woman/ Revenue Man, ’62 (Loop 100)

– Whenever I Look At You/ ’Round The Rocket, ’63 (Sabu 102-103)

– You Better Mind/ I Wanna Make Love, ’63 (Sabu 501)


Cap-Tans – Golden Oldies Vol II, ’63 (International Award LP AK222)

– Annie Penguin B3

– Crazy ‘Bout A Woman B4

– Nobody’s Here B5


Cap-Tans in error as Cat-Tans – Looking Ahead, ’63 (Design LP DLP 705 B5 (Golden Oldies Original Hits-Volume 5))



– Grateful/ Don’t Believe What They Say About Me, ’75 (Gotham 261-Bootleg #) (1951 Masters.  Scans on youtube.)

– I Love You So/ I Thought I Could Forget You (aka I Always Remember), ’92 (Roadhouse 1016) (1951 Masters. B-side scan found.)


Cap-Tans – Feel Like Balling Some More (Recorded 1950), ’74 (Roadhouse 1023) (Scan found.)

Cap-Tans error – I’m Seeking Revenge, ’74 (Roadhouse 1023) (Book credited as Cap-Tans.  This is by the Heartbreakers (DC Group))


Cap-Tans error – I’m Seeking Revenge, ’74 (Roadhouse 1023) (Book credited as Cap-Tans.  This is by the Heartbreakers (DC Group))


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