Cameos Groups

Cameos (Los Angeles) (ref Medallions) – Craving/ Only For You, ’55 (Dootone 365)

(gm: Vernon Green (lead), Kenneth Williams and Frank Marshall.)



Quadrells as Cameos (Lead James Oscar Williams) – Merry Christmas/ New Year’s Eve, ’57 (Cameo 123)


Cameos (Philadelphia) – The Best Of Can-Can (C’est Magnifique, I Love Paris, Let’s Do It)/ The Best Of Can-Can (It’s All Right With Me, You Do Something To Me), ’59 (Cameo 176)

(Sources do not mention the former Quadrelles/Cameos as being this group.)



Cameos (Ridgewood NJ) – Please Love Me/ Shanga-Langa-Ding-Dong, ’59 (Flagship 115)



Cameos (Pittsburgh)

– We’ll Still Be Together/ I Remember When, ’60 (Matador 1808 & Astra 5002, ’85)

– Canadian Sunset/ Never Before, ’60 (Matador 1813)


Cameos (Pittsburgh-New Group) – He/ Can You Remember, ’63 (Gigi 100)

(Some of the Matador Cameos reform as this group.)



Cameos (Brooklyn NY) (Ty Taylor & The) – The Beginning Of Love, ’59 (Design 834)

Cameos (Brooklyn NY) – Big Pearl, ’59 (Design 834)



Cameos (Nutley NJ) (Music by The Emeralds) – Wait Up/ Lost Lover, ’60 (Dean 504)

Cameos (Nutley NJ) – Wait Up/ Lost Lover, ’60 (Johnson 108)



Cameos (Nashville Tenn) (Little Willie Brown & The) – Gonna Make It On Back/ Cut It Out, ’61 (Do-Ra-Me 1404)



Cameos (Girl Group) (Londie & The) – Foolin’ Me/ Straight From The Grapevine, ’63 (ABC 10508)



Cameos (Beltone Group?) – Comin’ On Down (Unreleased), ’62 (Relic LP 5028 B7)

(#5028 is ‘The Best Of Beltone’ with the back cover crediting the artist as The Cameos.  Relic CD #7066 (a reissue of #5028 with 7 additional tracks) credits ‘Comin’ Down With Love’ to the The Headliners.  All versions I’ve heard are the same.  The Headliners also release this song on Beltone #2020 in 1962.  No reference was found to link the Headliners as the Cameos.)



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