Cyclones Groups

Cyclones (Hollywood) – My Dear/ Do You Love Me, ’57 (Flip 324)


Cyclones (LA) (Lead Jerome Evans-Furys) – Big Mary/ Good Goodnight, ’59 (Forward 313)


Gms: Jerome Evans (Lead), Robert Washington, Melvin White, Georges Taylor and Jimmy Green.

  • Jerome Evans biographies do not link him to the Flip or Festival groups.


Cyclones (Wayne Brooks Group) (Bill Taylor & The) – Nelda Jane, ’58 (Trophy 500)

Cyclones (Wayne Brooks Group) – Bullwhip Rock {I}, ’58 (Trophy 500)


Cyclones (Wayne Brooks Group) (Bob Williams & The) – You Can’t Make Me Cry, ’58 (Trophy 503)

Cyclones (Wayne Brooks Group) – Aftermath {I}, ’58 (Trophy 503)


Cyclones (Wayne Brooks & The) – Secret Love/ Runaway, ’61 (Warwick 629)


Cyclones (Festival) (Vocal Quintet-ft Eddie Jones) – Say What?/ Give Me Love, ’61 (Festival 25003)

  • Some also say the B-side was issued on Festival as ‘Daddy Can I Go To The Hop’ and a Festival LP lists this information as well crediting Eddie Jones & The Cashmeres as the artist.
    • No scans were found for verification that the title was used as a ‘single’ or a Cashmeres group name was used.


Cyclones (Texas) (Bobby Clanton & The) – Angel/ I Need Love, ’64 (Cyclone 500)