Cupcakes (Cookie & The)

The book included this ‘Swamp Pop’ group with an aka to the Phil Phillips/Twilights in which the Cupcakes provide some backing vocals on Khoury’s #711 along with the Twilights.  The Cupcakes receive label credit on Phil Phillips’ following release, ‘Take This Heart.’ 

The book organized the listing as Cupcakes (Cookie & The).  The post shows the diversity of the group through label scan release credits.  Corrections are welcome with label scan confirmation.



Phil Phillips (w The Twilights & Cupcakes) (Louisiana) – Take This Heart, ’59 (Mercury 71531) (The flip ‘Verdie Mae’ has no group.)



Cupcakes (Cookie & His)

– Matilda/ Married Life, ’58 (Khoury’s 703 & Judd 1002, ’59) (No scan found for Khoury’s.  Judd has another pressing as ‘Mathilda’.)

– Mathilda/ I’m Twisted, ’63 (Lyric 1003 & Paula 221, ’65)

– I’ve Been So Lonely/ Got You On My Mind, ’63 (Lyric 1004 & Chess 1848)

– Long Time Ago/ Kissing Someone Else, ’64 (Lyric 1017) (Vocal: Cookie)



Cupcakes (Cookie & The)

– Until Then/ Close Up The Back Door, ’59 (Lyric 1012 & Judd 1015)

– A Part Of Everything/ Matilda Has Finally Come Back, ’61 (Mercury 71748)



Cupcakes as Cookie & The Cup Cakes – I Heard That Story Before/ All My Lovin’ Baby, ’63 (Lyric 1008)


Cupcakes as Cookie & His Cup Cakes – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/ I Cried, ’63 (Lyric 1009)

Cupcakes (Cookie & His) – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/ I Cried, ’68 (Paula 312)



Cupcakes (Cookie & His) – Charged With Cheating, ’64 (Lyric 1015) (No scan found.  All sources are as Cookie & His Cupcakes.)

Cupcakes as Little Alfred – Hey, Little Schoolgirl, ’64 (Lyric 1015) (All sources are as Little Alfred.)


Cupcakes as Cookie & Cupcakes & Little Alfred – Even Though, ’64 (Lyric 1016)

Cupcakes as Little Alfred – Walking Down The Aisle, ’64 (Lyric 1016)


Cupcakes as Little Alfred (w Cookie & The Cupcakes) – Even Though, ’65 (Jewel 744)

Cupcakes as Little Alfred – Walking Down The Aisle, ’65 (Jewel 744)


Cupcakes as Little Alfred & The Berry Cups – It Don’t Hurt No More/ Broken Heart (Lyric 1007) (Not listed by book.)



Cupcakes as Cookie (w Berry Cups) – Trouble In My Life/ Belinda, ’64 (Lyric 1020 & Paula 230, ’65) (Scans found.)


Cupcakes as Cookie & His Berry Cups – Sea Of Love, ’79 (Paula  446)

Cupcakes (Cookie & His) – Got You On My Mind, ’79 (Paula 446)



Cupcakes as Shelton Dunaway (w The Cup Cakes) – I Had The Blues/ Who Would Have Thought It, ’59 (Khoury’s 715) (No scan for A-side.)


Cupcakes as Shelton Dunaway & The Cup Cakes

– Just One Kiss/ Mary Lou Doin’ The Pop Eye, ’62 (Lyric 731 & United Artists 468) (Not listed in book.)

– Betty And Dupree/ Shake ‘Em Up, ‘64 (Lyric 1010) (Not listed in book.)


Cupcakes as Shelton Dunaway With Cookie’s Cup Cakes – Since Your Love Has Grown Cold/ Franko-Chinese Cha Cha Cha, ’61 (Khoury’s 727)


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