Cupcakes (Female Groups)

Cupcakes (ref Connie Conway) – Deutsche Rock Und Roll (German Rock and Roll)/ It’s Willy, ’59 (Time 1011)

  • One source names group members as Donna & Pam Crunk and sometimes Jan Cox.
    • The trio is connected to the Dreams (Smash) and the Threeteens (Rev & Todd).


Cupcakes (NYC-Female) – Pied Piper/ Winter Blue, ’65 (Diamond 177)

  • Richie Cordell and Paul Simon share writing credits on the A-side with Richie Cordell on the B-side.
  • It is questionable if the U-tube post that states this NYC-Female Cupcakes group is the ‘Cookies (Second Group)’ using one of their pseudonyms.
    • These titles do not appear on any Cookies discography I have found.
    • The group sound is unlike the polished sound of the Cookies at this stage of their career.
  • Any help firmly nailing this down is welcome.


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