Cuff Links, Cufflinx, Kuf-Linx

Dooto and Dootone scans found showed artist credits for various spellings depending on the pressing.  The book listed Cuff Links, Cufflinx & Kuf-Linx as separate entries.  All sources vary on label and artist spelling.


Cuff Links formerly Rain Drops – (I Found) Heaven In Love/ I Prayed For Gold, ’56 (Spin-It 104)


Cuff Links formerly Rain Drops as Sunrisers-unreleased – Behold A Dream/ Soft Soft Lips, ’56 (Dolphin’s Of Hollywood)


Cuff Links (First Group)

– Guided Missiles/ My Heart, ’57 (Dootone 409)

  • Pressings on ‘Dooto 409’ are as Cufflinks.

– How You Lied/ The Winner, ’57 (Dootone 413)

– Off-Day Blues/ Twinkle, ’57 (Dootone 414)

  • No scans found.

It’s Too Late Now/ Saxaphone [sic] Rag {I}, ’57 (Dootone 422)

  • Scans found with Cuff Links credit on the label for both sides.


Cuff Links (First Group) – It’s Too Late Now, ’57 (Dooto 422)

  • Dooto 422 is said to be the first pressing.
  • Some scans also credit as ‘Cufflinks.’

by ‘Kirk’ Kirland & His Band – Saxaphone [sic] Rag {I},’57 (Dooto 422)

  • Scan found.


Cuff Links (Second Group) as Kuf-Linx – So Tough/ What’cha Gonna Do?, ’58 (Challenge 1013 & Challenge 59102)


Cuff Links (Second Group) as Kuf-Linx (ft John Jennings)

  Eyeballin’/ Service With A Smile, ’58 (Challenge 59004)

  Climb Love’s Mountain/ All That’s Good, ’58 (Challenge 59015)


Cuff Links (Second Group) as Johnny Woodson & The Crescendos – All That’s Good/ Dreamer From My Heart, ’58 (Spry 108)

  • Per Marv Goldberg, the Crescendos are thought to be the Kuf-Linx.


Cuff Links (Third Group) as Cufflinx

– So Tough/ My Love Is With You, ’58 (Dooto 433)

– Trick Knees/ A Fool’s Fortune, ’58 (Dooto 434)


Cuff Links (Third Group) as Cuff Linx – Chancing My Love/ I Don’t Want Nobody, ’63 (Dooto 474)


Cuff Links (Third Group) as Henry Houston & The Cufflinx – Zoom/ Lawful Wedding, ’58 (Dooto 438)

  • On another Dootone 438 release, scans credit as Cufflinxs [sic] for both Zoom & Lawful Wedding without Henry Houston credit.


Cuff Links (Third Group) as Raindrops (w The Foxes Of Marrow Orchestra) – Dim Those Lights/ Oh Oh Baby, ’58 (Vega 105)

Cuff Links (Third Group) as Style Kings – Kissing Behind The Moon/ Under The Tropical Sky, ’59 (Sotoplay 0011)


Cuff Links as Rain Drops (ft Henry Houston)  Little One, ’58 (Spin-It 106)

Cuff Links as Rain Drops (ft Elroy Coleman) – Rockin’ On The Farm, ’58 (Spin-It 106)


Cuff Links as Raindrops

– Love Is Like A Mountain/ Maybe, ’60 (Corsair 104 & Doré 561, ’60)

Baby It’s Your Love/ I Still Love You, ’64 (Sotoplay 0028)

  • A-side not listed in book.
  • No scans found.
  • Book spelled group as Raindrops.


Cuff Links-Associated Releases 


The Webs (LA) – Let Me Take You Home, ’58 (Sotoplay 006)

Moe Walker & The Webs (LA) – Do I Have A Chance, ’58 (Sotoplay 006)


as Notemakers – Do I Have A Chance (Overdubbed version)/ It Hurts To Wonder, ’58 (Sotoplay 007)

Note: ‘It Hurts To Wonder’ is credited on Sotoplay 007 as The Notemakers.

  • As/ the Cuff Links history by Marv Goldberg, ‘It Hurts To Wonder’ is by the Webs, led by Moe Walker.


as Notemakers – Take Me As I Am/ Sally, The Cosmetic Queen, ’76 (Monogram 118)

  • Writing credits on both sides:  Nathaniel McCoy.

Note:  While Marv Goldberg’s Cuff Links history does not include the Monogram releases, other sources do.


Unrelated Cuff Links Group

Cuff Links (White Group) – Next To You/ Only One Love, ’62 (Gait 542/543)

  • This is a white group on Alfred Gaitwood Label.
  • Other dates found are 1965.
  • A-side scan found as #542.