Crystals (Spector Group)

Crystals (Spector Group-Brooklyn)

– There’s No Other (Like My Baby)/ Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby, ’61 (Philles 100) (Their first recording.)

– Uptown/ What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen, ’62 (Philles 102)

– He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)/ No One Ever Tells You, ’62 (Philles 105) (Some radio stations refused to play the release.  It is omitted as a listing in the book.)



Crystals (Spector Group-LA) (Darlene Love & The Blossoms) as The Crystals

– He’s A Rebel/ I Love You Eddie, ’62 (Philles 106)

– He’s Sure The Boy I Love/ Walkin’ Along (La La La) {I}, ’62 (Philles 109)



Crystals (Spector Group-Brooklyn)

– Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)/ Git’ [sic] It {I}, ’63 (Philles 112) (Lead: La La Brooks.)

– Then He Kissed Me/ Brother Julius {I}, ’63 (Philles 115)


– Little Boy/ Harry (From W Va) & Milt {I} (2:00), ’64 (Philles 119X)

(#119 (Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home/Harry And Milt Meet Hal B (2:00)) are by Darlene Love and released in 1963.)


– All Grown Up/ Irving (Jaggered Sixteenths) {I}, ’64 (Philles 122)

– My Place/ You Can’t Tie A Good Girl Down, ’65 (United Artists 927)


– Ring-A-Ting-A-Ling/ Should I Keep On Waiting, ’67 (Michelle 4113)

(On this release the gms are said to be Barbara Alston, Mary Thomas & Dolores ‘Dee Dee’ Kenniebrew.)


Crystals (Spector Group-Brookln) (ft La La Brooks) – I Got A Man/ Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby, ’66 (United Artists 994)



Crystals (Spector Group-Brooklyn) – Let’s Dance The Screw – Part I/ Let’s Dance The Screw – Part II, ’63 (Philles 111-unreleased)

(See ( for one source with the story behind the titles.  Boot issues are as (Let’s Dance) The Screw.  Philles #111 was subsequently used for a Darlene Love single)


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