Crystals (The Other Groups)

The Harlem Opals/Crystals on Luna/Apollo are unassociated with the Rockin’/Deluxe group.  See post for Crystals (Rockin’/Deluxe). 


Opals (Harlem) as The Crystals – Come To Me, Darling/ Squeeze Me, Baby, ’54 (Luna 100-101 & Luna 5001)


as The Opals (Formerly Known as The Crystals)

– Come To Me, Darling/ Squeeze Me, Baby, ’54 (Luna 5001)

– My Heart’s Desire/ Oh, But She Did, ’54 (Apollo 462)


Crystals (Beverly Hills) (Female) – I Love My Baby/ I Do Believe, ’57 (Aladdin 3355)


Sam Hawkins (BB Crystals (Harlem-NY)-uncredited) – King Of Fools/ The Whatchamacallit, ’59 (Gone 5042)


Crystals (Philadelphia PA) – Blind Date/ Mary Ellen, ’59 (Felsted 8566)

  • Male vocals.


Crystals (Los Angeles CA) – Love You So/ In The Deep, ’59 (Specialty 657)

  • Male Group.


Crystals (Unknown NYC Group) – Malaguena {I}/ Gypsy Ribbon, ’60 (Brent 7011)

  • Lead male falsetto vocal with no evident group backing.
  • The book listed as part of the Metro/Cub Crystals/Metros group, also from New York.
    • See post for Crystals (New York)/Metros.


Crystals (Houston Tx?) (Jesse (Casas) & The) – Tell Me/ Anything Goes {I}, ’61 (Geno 12348)

  • Male vocal on A-side.
  • Need location confirmation.


Crystals (Inglewood CA) – Laughing On The Outside (Crying On The Inside)/ Always And Always, ’61 (Iona 1009)

  • A-side scan found.
  • Sounds like young male harmony group.


Crystals (Newport Beach CA) (Claudia & The) – This Is Your Life/ Little Love Of Mine, ’61 (Doré 601)


Crystals (Hollywood CA) – Dreams And Wishes {I}/ Mr Brush {I}, ’61 (Indigo 114)

  • Book listed as part of Spector group.
  • As/ comment on “…. the Crystals on Indigo became The Emeralds on Moonglow and that they have no connection to any other Crystals.”


As/ another source, the Indigo Instrumental gms are D Skiles, M Tyler, J Green and D Coppack.


Crystals (Regalia Label) – Pony In Dixie {I}/ Espresso {I}, ’61 (Regalia 17-4)

  • The book listed as part of Spector group.
    • Sources do not include the Regalia group in the Spector girl group discographies.
  • There are no writing credits on A-side.  B-side credits S Pettroconi.
  • I have only heard the b-side which is guitar/surf style instrumental.


Crystals (MASS) (Howie & The) – Golly Gee/ Rockin’ Hall {I}, ’62 (Fleetwood 4521)


Crystals (Texas) (Charles Christy & The)

– Cherry Pie/ Will I Find Her, ’65 (Cherry 101 & HBR 455)

– In The Arms Of A Girl/ Young And Beautiful, ’66 (HBR 473)


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