Crystalaires & Crystalairs

Crystalaires (of Lancaster PA) – Nobody Nowhere/ Henry Said Goodbye, ’63 (Sound Souvenir 1-2)




– First Time Romance/ For Lovers Only, ’90 (Crystal Ball 156)

– Back To School/ School Is Over, ’90 (Crystal Ball 158)

– Mona/ Ding Dong Teenage Bells, ’90 (Crystal Ball 159)

– Picture Of An Angel/ Mr Moon, ’90 (Magic Carpet EP 512-A)

– Man From The Moon/ Telephone, ’90 (Magic Carpet EP 512-B)

– Pinocchio/ Very First Tear, ’92 (Mickey B Juke Box Review 101)

– Elevator Of Love/ Tokyo Girl, ’95 (Crystal Ball 163)

– Little Miss Pinocchio/ Cinderella Baby, ’98 (Sweet Beat 101)


See for their discography.


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