Crowns (The Other Groups)

Please see my post for Arthur Lee Maye for The Crowns (LA).  The post was verified through scan checks for accuracy of credited and uncredited releases listed as Crowns (LA).


Five Crowns (NY) as Crowns

– Kiss And Make Up (Lead Charlie Thomas), ’58 (RnB 6901)

– I’ll Forget About You (Lead James ‘Papa’ Clark), ’58 (RnB 6901)


Crowns (Tulsa Oklahoma) – Heart Breaking Train/ Lonely For You, ’59 (Wheel 1001)


The Crowns (LA), without Arthur Lee May, were listed apart from other Crowns groups in the book.  They are essentially the same group.


Henry Strogin & The Crowns

– Why Do You Go Away/ My Aching Feet, ’60 (Dynamic 1002)

– I’ll Tag Along/ I Love LA, ’62 (Amazon 1001)


Henry Strogin – Old Folks Boogie While The Young Ones Twist/ I Wanna Love, ’63 (Ball 1012)


Henry Strogin & The Crown [sic] – I’ll Tag Long [sic]/ Why Did You Go Away, ’63 (Ball 1015)

  • Scans found.


Crowns (New Orleans) as Stark Whiteman (His Crowns & The Velvetones) – We Will All Remember (Graduation Day), ’60 (Sho-Biz 1004)


Crowns (New Orleans) (Stark Whiteman & His) – Noise {I}, ’60 (Sho-Biz 1004)


Crowns (Unknown Group-Origin) – Party Time/ Amazon Basin Pop, ’62 (Chordette 1001)

  • No info found.
  • Have not heard either side.


Crowns (Chicago) (ft Philip Harris) – Better Luck Next Time/ You Make Me Blue, ’63 (Vee Jay 546-Promo)


Crowns (Chicago) (ft Philip Harris) – Better Luck Next Time/ I Wonder Why, ’63 (Vee Jay 546)


Crowns (Mercury Group) (Danny & The) – The Story Of Jack And Jill/ Night Moon {I}, ’63 (Mercury 72096)


Crowns (Connecticut) (ref John Cortese, Stan Vincent) – Possibility/ Watch Out {I}, ’64 (Old Town 1171)

  • John Cortese & Stan Vincent were part of the Barons who recorded on Epic.


Crowns (Mercury Subsidiary) – Gonna Get Right Tonight (Hootenanny)/ It’s Still Love, ’64 (Limelight 3031)

  • Male Group.


Crowns (Flushing NY Label) (Terry & The) – Shelly My Love/ Teenage Romance, ’77 (Harvey 103)

  • As/White Doo-Wop Collector, recorded in early 1960s.


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