Crescents Groups

Crescents (Cleveland) (Billy Wells & The) – Julie/ I Love Only You, ’56 (Reserve 105)

Crescents (Cleveland) (Clark Vaden & The) – You Can Make It If You Try/ Irene (Dolly 5578)

Crescents (Cleveland) as Wigs – You’re Sweeter Than Wine/ Chicken Switch, ’64 (Golden Crest 592) (Lead: Arthur Blackley replaced Billy Wells.)



Pat Cordel & The Crescents – My Tears/ Darling Come Back, ’56 (Club 1011)


Pat Cordel & The Elegants (ref Vito Picone) – My Tears/ Darling Come Back, ’59 (Michele M-503)


Pat Cordel & The Crescents (Later Known As The Elegants) (w Cherokee & Band) – My Tears/ Darling Come Back, ’63 (Victory 1001)



Crescents (NY) as Cresents – Everybody Knew But Me/ You Have No Heart, ’57 (Joyce 102 & Last Chance 112, ’72)

Crescents (NY) – Rosemarie/ You Have No Secrets, ’57 (Joyce 104)

(Book listed as Roseann.  No scans found.  Joyce label discog provided the additional information.)



Crescents (NJ) as Dick Watson – Be On The Lookout For The Woman/ Groovy, ’62 (Gone 5144)

(Some scans found credit Dick Watson & The Crescents.)



Crescents (Arlen) – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ Johnny Won’t Run Around, ’63 (Arlen 743)

(Philadelphia Label. The group is unrelated to the Lee Gordon/Leedon label group.)



Crescents (Hamilton) – When You Wish Upon A Star/ Hey There (I Want To Walk You Home), ’63 (Hamilton 50033)

(Group possibly from Jacksonville Florida.  They are not related to the Lee Gordon/Leedon label group.)



Crescents (LA) (Chiyo & The) – Pink Dominos/ Devil Surf, ’63 (Break Out 3-4)

Crescents (LA) (ft Chiyo) – Pink Dominos/ Breakout, ’63 (Era 3116)



Crescents (New Orleans) (& McMillan Sisters) – Here You Come Again, ’65 (Watch 1902)

Crescents (New Orleans) – That’s All She Left Me, ’65 (Watch 1902)


Crescents (New Orleans) – I’ll Make A Vow/ Come Back Baby, ’65 (Seven B 7013)



Crescents (Detroit) as Clara Hardy (backed by The Crescents) – Call My Name/ Get Off The Phone, ’67 (Astra 3010)



Crescents (Pittsburgh)

– Sympathy, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A1)

– Please Don’t Tease, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A2)

– You’re A Sweetheart, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A3)

– Bewitched, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A5)

– Be Mine, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-A6)

– Zoom, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-B1)

– You Are, ’85 (Relic LP 5053-B4)

(Relic LP 5053 (Skyliners Pre Flight) were generally unreleased titles by the Cresents and Centuries.  Various members from each group form the Skyliners.)



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