Crescendos/Creschendos/Casual Crescendos

Crescendos (Berkley CA) – My Heart’s Desire/ Take My Heart, ’57 (Music City 831) (Titles were released as both Crescendos & Creschendos on Music City 831.  Some sources date as 1960 instead of 1957 (Crescendos) and 1960 as (Creschendos).  Were there two release dates?)


Crescendos (Berkley CA) as Creschendos

– My Heart’s Desire/ Take My Heart, ’60 (Music City 831)

– My Hearts Desire [sic]/ Take My Heart, ’61 (Gone 5100)

– Teenage Prayer/ I Don’t Mind, ’60 (Music City 839) (No scans found.  Some list asby Crescendos.)


Crescendos (Berkley CA) backing Wanda Burt – Your True Love Is Standing By/ Scheming, ’61 (Music City 840)


Crescendos (Berkley CA) as Casual Crescendos – Uncle Ben’s Concentrated Blueberry Jam (Yummy)/ Wish That You Were Here, ’63 (MRC 11201)


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