Creators Groups

Creators (Detroit) (With The Alamos) – Wear My Ring/ Booga Bear, ’57 (Hi-Q 5021)


Creators (NY) – There’s Going To Be An Angel/ Do You Remember, ’61 (Time 1038)


Creators (Long Beach-ref Nightshift/War) – I’ve Had You/ Drafted, Volunteered And Enlisted, ’61 (Dootone 463)


Creators (Long Beach-ref Nightshift/War) – Too Far To Turn Around/ Hello There Mister Grave Digger, ’62 (Doré 635)

  • No info was found for the book listing under ‘Lummtone’.


Creators (NJ) (became the Ad Libs)

– I’ll Never, Never Do It Again/ Boy, He’s Got It!, ’62 (T-Kay 110)

– Boy, He’s Got It!/ Yeah, He’s Got It, ’63 (Philips 40058)

– I’ll Stay Home (New Year’s Eve)/ Shoom Ba Boom, ’63 (Philips 40083)

  • Book error listing as Philips 40060.  This is a ‘Chesterfields’ release.

– I’ll Stay Home (from Philips 40083 release), ’82 (Jason Scott 24)

  • Flip is the Jaynells version of ‘I’ll Stay Home’.


George Davis (& Group) – Out Of A Million Girls/ Soft Touch, ’62 (Philips 40082)

  • Some sources credit the BB as The Creators.  If so, they did not receive label credit.


Creators (Philadelphia) – Cross Fire/ Crazy Love, ’63 (Epic 9605)

According to a youtube comment, “This Philadelphia group included Donald Burnett, formerly of The Beltones on Grand, Little Joe & The Thrillers on Okeh, The Royal Demons on Rhythm and Pek and The Madison Brothers on Cedargrove/Apt, Sure and V-Tone.  There may be other members of The Madison Brothers in the group as well.”

  • Any comments are welcome.


Creators (Detroit Label) – Jungle Fever, ‘63 (Fortune LP 8017-B2)


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