Creations Groups

Creations (NYC) – Mommy & Daddy/ Every Night I Pray, ’56 (Tip Top 400)

Creations (NYC) – There Goes The Girl I Love, ’56 (Lido 501 & Tip Top 501)


Creations (NYC) (ft Dot & Don) – You Are My Darling, ’56 (Lido 501 & Tip Top 501)


(This is a different group than the one from New Jersey.  They have both male and female members.  Lido is a NYC Label.  Tip Top is a Chicago Label.)



Johnny Angel & The Creations (New Jersey) – We’re Old Enough/ Where’s My Love, ’59 (Jamie 1134)

(The group did not start until winning a contest in 1959.  Members are Guy Fredricks, Tony Fasce, Art Mayer & Sal LoCicero.  They are not the 1956 Lido/Tip Top group.  As well, they are not the Spector group.)



Creations (Spector Group) – The Bells/ Shang-Shang, ’61 (Jamie 1197)

(Group has male lead and female backing.  Not the same group as Johnny Angel & The Creations.)



Creations (Ember-NYC) (Bobby Richardson & The) – This Is Love/ Nobody Loves Me, ’61 (Ember 1076)



Riffs (Brooklyn) as Creations – Woke Up In The Morning/ Strolling Through The Park, ’61 (Pine Crest 101) (Book listed as one of the (1) groups.)



Creations (Detroit-Gordy Label) – This Is Our Night/ You’re My Inspiration, ’62 (Mel-O-Dy 101)



Creations (Indianapolis) – I’ve Got A Feeling/ The Wedding, ’62 (Meridian 7552-3)

(Place of origin needed.)



Creations (Cleveland) – You’ll Always Be Mine/ Seventeen, ’62 (Patti-Jo 1703)



Creations (Chicago-Producer Johnny Pate) – We’re In Love/ Lady Luck, ’62 (Penny 9022 & Take Ten 1501, ’63)

(On the Penny label ‘Let The’ is in smaller print above ‘We’re In Love.’)



Creations (Girl Group Sound) – Don’t Listen To What Others Say/ Don’t Listen To What Others Say {I}, ’64 (Radiant 103)

(Have not heard b-side, but youtube comments say it is {I} version of the a-side.)



Creations (Unknown Relic Group)

– My Best Friend’s Girl, ’66 (Relic LP 109 B02)

– Through Eternity, ’66 (Relic LP 109 A06)



Creations (Chicago-Globe Group)

– Oh Baby/ Plenty Of Love, ’67 (Globe 100/1000)

– Just Remember Me/ Times Are Changing, ’67 (Globe 102)

– I’ve Got To Find Her/ Times Are Changing, ’67 (Globe 103)



Creations (Unknown Group) (No information was found for group or label.)

– Sweet Lovin’/ Day Dreaming (Tan-no number)

– Darling/ I Don’t Want To See Tomorrow (Tan-no number)



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