Corvettes Groups

Corvettes (Vocal by Ronnie Ravelle) error – Don’t Restrain Me, Joe, ’58 (ABC 9891) (Scan credits group as Corvets.)

Corvettes error – String Band Hop, ’58 (ABC 9891) (Scan credits group as Corvets.)



Corvettes (NC) (Bobby Green & The) – Little Heart Attacks/ Sweet Thing, ’58 (Oak 4429-4430)

(Scans only found for Little Heart Attacks.)

as Bobby Green & The Sportsmen – Sweet Thing/ Little Heart Attacks, ’58 (Oak 4429-4430)

(Scans found for both sides.)



Corvettes [II] (Eugene, Oregon) – Rockin’ Around The Mountain/ Shasta {I}, ’59 (Arco 104)

( and are two supporting sites showing listings for the group name spelling and Arco label.  No scans found.)



Corvettes (Emery (A Division of Emcee)) (Irving Fuller & The) – I Can’t Stop/ And Mine, ’60 (Emery 121)

(No information to locate group or label.  Youtube plays A-side.)



Corvettes (Indiana ) (w Bill Duzan) – Janice/ Shaften {I}, ’66 (Duncan 401)



Corvettes (Relic-LuPine Group) (Little Sonny & The) – She’s Mine, ’86 (Relic LP 8008 A5-A Rock N’ Roll Party)

(Back cover found + A-side scan.)


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