Corvets (Bronx)

Leonora/ My Darling, ’58 (Way-Out 101)

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– Only Last Night (in a Garden [sic])/ Shark In The Park, ’60 (20th Fox 223)

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Alligator In The Elevator/ So Long, ’60 (Laurel 1012)

  • Vance Hallup’s voice on ‘So Long’ appears on a release by the Bob Knight Four as ‘Good Goodby’.


by Joey Dell – Let’s Find Out Tonight/ Only Last Night (In A Garden), ’62 (Roulette 4422)


Corvets (NY-ABC-Paramount Group) – String Band Hop, ’58 (ABC 9891)

Corvets (NY-ABC-Paramount Group) (Vocal by Ronnie Ravelle) – Don’t Restrain Me, Joe, ’58 (ABC-Paramount 9891)

  • Book listed as Corvettes.


Corvets (Philadelphia) (ref Ivy Tones) – I’m Pleadin’/ Let’s Do The Pony, ’61 (Sure 1003)

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Corvetts (Unknown Group) – In The Chapel/ The Swinging Smitty, ’61 (Sheraton 201)

  • Book spelled in error as Corvettes.


Corvetts (Georgia) – You’re Blue/ I’m Going To Cry, ’64 (Moon 100)

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The Atlanta, Georgia ‘Moon’ label is different than the New Jersey ‘Moon’ label (Del Rays, De Vaurs & Endorsers) which are all 1959.

  • It is likely the book dating of 1959 on the Atlanta Moon label has been mixed up with the NJ Moon label release dates.


Corvets (Georgia) (Arthur & The)

– Poor Girl/ Darling I Love You, ’64 (Na-R-Co 203)

– I Believe/ Miracles, ’64 (NRC 2781-232)

– Aritha/ Flossie Mae, ’64 (NRC 2871-34-1/2)


Corvets (Minnesota)

– You Don’t Want Me/ Want To Be Happy, ’65 (Soma 1425)

– Can It Be/ So Fine, ’65 (Re-Car Records 9013)