Corvets (Bronx)

– Leonora/ My Darling, ’58 (Way-Out 101)  (Scans found for both sides.)

– Only Last Night (in a Garden [sic])/ Shark In The Park, ’60 (20th Fox 223) (A-side scan found.)

– Alligator In The Elevator/ So Long, ’60 (Laurel 1012) (Vance Hallup’s voice on ‘So Long’ appears on a release by the Bob Knight Four as ‘Good Goodby’.)


Corvets (Bronx) as Joey Dell – Let’s Find Out Tonight/ Only Last Night (In A Garden), ’62 (Roulette 4422)



Corvets (NY-ABC Group) (Vocal by Ronnie Ravelle) – Don’t Restrain Me, Joe, ’58 (ABC 9891) (Book listed as Corvettes.)

Corvets (NY-ABC Group) – String Band Hop, ’58 (ABC 9891) (Book listed as Corvettes.)



Corvets (Philadelphia) (ref Ivy Tones) – I’m Pleadin’/ Let’s Do The Pony, ’61 (Sure 1003) (No scans found.)



Corvetts (Georgia) – I’m Going To Cry/ You’re Blue, ’59 (Moon 100)

(Scans are Corvetts.  The book listed as Arthur Conley & The Corvets and dated 1959.

The Atlanta ‘Moon’ label is different than the New Jersey ‘Moon’ label (Del Rays, De Vaurs & Endorsers) which are all 1959.

Most sources date the Corvetts release as 1964 and attribute it with Arthur Conley.  It is likely the book dating of 1959 on the Atlanta Moon label has been mixed up with the NJ Moon label release dates.)



Corvetts (Unknown Group) – In The Chapel/ The Swinging Smitty, ’61 (Sheraton 201) (Book spelled in error as Corvettes.)



Corvets (Georgia) (Arthur & The)

– Poor Girl/ Darling I Love You, ’64 (Na-R-Co 203)

– I Believe/ Miracles, ’64 (NRC 2781-232)

– Aritha/ Flossie Mae, ’64 (NRC 2871-34-1/2)



Corvets (Minnesota)

– You Don’t Want Me/ Want To Be Happy, ’65 (Soma 1425)

– Can It Be/ So Fine, ’65 (Re-Car Records 9013)


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