Corvells Groups

The book listed all the Corvells as one group.  Most sound different and have been separated.  Any group biography or member names will distinguish one group from another.  Information is welcome.


Corvells (w The Royalteens) (NYC) – We Made A Vow/ Miss Jones, ’57 (Lido 509 & Tip Top 509)



Corvells (NY Area) (ref Vinny Catalano) – The Bells/ Don’t Forget, ’61 (Blast 203)


Corvells (NY Label) – One (Is Such A Lonely Number)/ The Joke’s On Me, ’63 (Cub 9122)

These two groups sound alike.



Corvells (Unconfirmed Origin) – Daisy/ Take My Love, ’62 (ABC 10324) (One reference stated this group was from Philadelphia.)



Corvells (Detroit Girl Group) – He’s So Fine/ Baby Sitting, ’62 (Lu Pine 104 & Lu Pine 1004)


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