Corvairs Groups

Corvairs (New York)

– Sing A Song Of Sixpence/ Yeah Yeah, ’60 (Cub 9065)

– Whatcha Gonna Do/ Love Her So, ’61 (Clock 1037)



Corvairs (West Wyoming PA Label) – Something Wild {I}, ’61 (Crown 004)

Corvairs (West Wyoming PA Label) (Vocal by Bernie Kassel) – Darlin’, ’61 (Crown 004)

According to a youtube comment by Harvey Stevens, ‘We recorded this song in 1961 in Newark, NJ. Roy, Bernie, Mike Joe and me (Harvey).



Corvairs (Virginia)

– True True Love/ Hey, Sally Mae, ’62 (Comet 2145)

– Girl With The Wind In Her Hair/ I Don’t Wanna Be Without You Baby, ’63 (Leopard 5005)

– Swinging Little Government/ Love, Love My Friend, ’66 (Columbia 43603)

– Get A Job/ Ain’t No Soul (In These Old Shoes), ’66 (Columbia 43861) (Red label.)

– Get A Job/ Ain’t No Sole In These Old Shoes, ’66 (Columbia 43861) (White label-Radio Station Copy.)


– Because I Love You (A Capella Version of ‘Don’t You Know’) (3:12) (Relic LP 5028-A2)

– The Girl With The Wind In Her Hair (Relic LP 5028-A7) (All I’ve heard are the same version.)

According to the album liner notes, ‘Because I Love You’ was cut on January 1, 1963.  ’The Girl With the Wind In Her Hair’ was recorded on April 18, 1963.


Corvairs (Virginia) as West Siders – No Tears Left For Crying/ Don’t You Know, ’63 (Leopard 5004 & United 600)


West Siders error – Valerie, ’63 (Leopard 5006) (This is by Leopards (2) not West Siders.)



Only Twin #1001 & #19671 were listed in the book.  Both were dated 1962.  Other sources have a varied sequence of dating.  The logo on Twin 19671 is different from any other Twin releases.

Corvairs (Ohio) – Black Diamonds/ Slipped Disc, ’60 (Twin 4) (No scan for b-side.)


Corvairs (Ohio) (Vocal Kenny Ambrose) – Talk To Me, ’63 (Twin 9775-6)

Corvairs (Ohio) – Hard Times {I}, ’63 (Twin 9775-6) has labels and dates 1963. also dates 1963.

‘Vocal by Kenny Ambrose’ sounds like the Kenny Ambrose on Hamilton and Willett in 1958/59.


Corvairs (Ohio) (w Little Joe Williams) – Gee Whiz/ It’s Aw’rite, ’62 (Twin 1001)



Corvairs (Ohio) (Bill Stith & The) (ft Little Joe & Joyce) – I’m Gonna Marry You, ’62 (Twin 19671)

Corvairs (Ohio) (Bill Stith & The) (ft Little Joe Williams) – I Need You So, ’62 (Twin 19671)


Corvairs (Ohio) (ft Little Joe & Joyce) – I’m Gonna Marry You/ Lonely Boy, Lonely Girl, ’67 (Hickory 1459) (Nashville Tennessee label.)



Corvairs (NYC Label) – A Victim Of Her Charms/ Love Is Such A Good Thing, ’65 (Sylvia 5003) (Book date N/A.)



Billy Martin & His Corvairs (NY) – I Found My Baby/ Sweeney’s Twist, ’62 (Monitor 1402)


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