Corsairs (North Carolina)

The North Carolina group (Jay, James & Moses Uzzell) is well documented with few inconsistencies among major sources.  The book listed only as the Corsairs.  Sources agree the first Tuff release was ‘Smoky [sic] Places/Thinkin’ (Maybe She’s Changed Her Ways)’ on #1808 in 1961.  The following are split credits.


Corsairs (NC) (ft The Voice Of Jay ‘Bird’ Uzzell) – Time Waits, ’61 (Smash 1715 & Tuff 3027)

Corsairs (NC) (ft The Voice Of ‘King’ Moe Uzzell) – It Won’t Be A Sin, ’61 (Smash 1715 & Tuff 3027)

The book only listed the Smash issue but no scans were found for #1715.  Scans for Tuff 3027 are readily available and it seems likely it is a reissue with an unknown release date.


Corsairs (NC) (ft The Voice Of Jay ‘Bird’ Uzzell) – Smoky [sic] Places, ’61 (Tuff 1808 & Chess 1808)

Corsairs (NC) (ft The Voice Of ‘King’ Moe Uzzell) – Thinkin’ (Maybe She’s Changed Her Ways), ’61 (Tuff 1808 & Chess 1808)


Corsairs (NC) (ft Jay ‘Bird’ Uzzell) – Dancing Shadows, ’62 (Tuff 1830 & Chess 1830)

Corsairs (NC) (ft ‘Little Skeet’ Uzzell) – While, ’62 (Tuff 1830 & Chess 1830)


Corsairs (NC) – Stormy/ It’s Almost Sunday Morning, ’63 (Tuff 1847 & Chess 1847) (No vocalist is featured.)


Corsairs (NC) – Save A Little Monkey, ’63 (Tuff 375)

Corsairs (NC) as Sing Along Without The Corsairs – Save A Little Monkey Background {I}, ’63 (Tuff 375)


Corsairs & Landy McNeil – The Change In You/ On The Spanish Side, ’64 (Tuff 402) (Credits are shared.)


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