Cornel Gunter & Related Groups

Flairs (Cornel Gunter, Pete Fox & Obie Jessie-Flairs) as Jac-O-Lacs – Cindy Lou/ Sha-Ba-Da-Ba-Doo, ’55 (Tampa 103)



Group members of Flairs and Ermines are unconfirmed as being the same as Flairs (Hollywood).  Sources speculate on possibilities.

Cornel Gunter & The Flairs – In Self Defense/ She Loves To Rock, ’56 (ABC-Paramount 45-9698) (There are scans asby The Flairs on 78-9698.)


asby The Flairs (Lead Cornel Gunter) – Aladdin’s Lamp/ Steppin’ Out, ’56 (ABC-Paramount 9740)



Cornel Gunter & The Ermines

– True Love/ Peek, Peek-A-Boo, ’55 (Loma 701)

– (Pretty Baby) I’m So Used To You Now/ You Broke My Heart, ’56 (Loma 703)

– Keep Me Alive/ Muchacha, Muchacha, ’56 (Loma 704)

– I’m Sad/ One Thing For Me, ’56 (Loma 705)



Cornel Gunter (BB The Ermines-uncredited)

– Call Me A Fool/ You Send Me, ’57 (Dot 15654)

– Baby Come Home/ I Want You Madly, ’57 (Eagle 301)



Cornell Gunter (& Group) – Rope Of Sand/ Lift Me Up Angel, ’62 (Warner Bros 5266)


Cornell Gunter & The Cornells – Wishful Thinking, ’64 (Challenge 59281)

Cornell Gunter – If I Had The Key To Your Heart, ’64 (Challenge 59281)


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