Cordials Groups

Gms: Pug Pepper (Baritone), Phil Stobart (Bass), Ron Rieser (Lead Singer), Dave Rathburn (Top Tenor) & Paul Perry (2nd Tenor/Alternate Lead))


Cordials (Ohio) (Accomp The Cutups)) – I’m Ashamed/ Sentimental Journey, ’60 (Cordial 1001)


became Carians on Hollywood labels

– She’s Gone/ Snooty Friends, ’61 (Indigo 136)

– Only A Dream/ Girls, ’61 (Magenta 04)



Cordials (South Bronx) – Dawn Is Almost Here/ Keep An Eye, ’61 (7 Arts 707)

A youtube comment: “This group was from the  South Bronx.,I knew Tito Gonzalez and Jerome Jackson (both lead singers) and Dan Ugarte…they lived several blocks from my group Larry and the Standards  ‘(Where is She)’ on Laurie Records. I sang 2nd tenor..We were rival groups and sang at several locations together. I know there was another Cordials group, but they did not record these 2 songs. Thanks for sharing …nice memories  Tom Caterino.”  A-side writing credits Gonzalez and b-side Jackson.

The book also separated the group from other Cordials groups.)



The following three songs were listed in the book with Bobby Pickett as a group member.  From the info and ”guesses” on the net, it appears Bobby Pickett joined a Cordials group (originating in Mass.) after he (and they) relocated to California.

One source says the gms are Bobby Pickett (vocals, 1961-?), Leonard “Lenny” Capizzi, Bill Capizzi, Ron Deltorto, Lou Toscano, Don Squire.  Did this group also record on NY labels?  From the bios of all parties, it seems unlikely that Bobby Pickett was involved in any of the NY releases.)


Cordials (Broadway Location) (Vocal Lee Dorian) – A Fool In Love, ’61 (Stan 111) (Written by William Rezey)

Cordials (Broadway Location) – Eek, ’61 (Stan 111) (Writer is unreadable.)

Who were the Cordials’ members at this time and did they back Lee Dorian or was he a gm?  Is this a different group?


Cordials (Hollywood) (Arranged by Gary Paxton) – Eternal Love/ The International Twist, ’62 (Reveille 106)

(A-side writers Leonard Capizzi & William Capizzi.  B-side writers Gary Paxton & Johnny MacRae.  Billboard April 1962.) (If Bobby Pickett was a gm, it seems likely these are the releases he was on.)


Cordials (NY Label-Jo-Pax Productions) – What Kind Of Fool Am I/ Once In A Lifetime, ’62 (Felsted 8653)

(Writers are Bricusse & Newley.  Billboard August 1962.  Who were the gms on this?  Is it the same group?)



Cordials (White Deer Texas?) – Listen My Heart/ My Hearts [sic] Desire, ’62 (Whip 276)

(Label location needs confirmation.  Bonczek a-side writing and La Branche on b-side.)



Cordials (Female Group) – What’s The Matter With Me/ I’m Not Trying Anymore, ’62 (Bethlehem 3019)

(Distributed by King Records.)



Cordials (6) error – Group is Cordialls – Oh, How I Love Her/ You Can’t Believe In Love, ’65 (Liberty 55784)


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