Continentals Groups

Continentals (New York-Rama) – You’re An Angel/ Giddy-Up And Ding-Dong, ’56 (Rama 190)

(Blue label as ‘You Are An Angel.  Some sources locate group from the Bronx.)

(Group members as/ Marv Goldberg’s ‘Crows’ article are “Bill Davis (formerly of the Crows), James Gooden, Demetrius Clare, Sidney Gray, and a baritone named Tommy.” )



Continentals (New York-Brooklyn?)

– Dear Lord/ Fine, Fine Frame, ’56 (Whirlin Disc 101

– Dear Lord/ Fine Fine Frame, ’59 (Port 70018))

– Picture Of Love/ Soft And Sweet, ’56 (Whirlin Disc 105 & Port 70024, ’59)

– Peace Of Mind (Relic 5036 B6)

(Book listed as part of this group.  It has a similar sound.  Unverified at this point.  Relic album is titled: The Golden Groups Vol.17: Best of Relic Records Part 2).  On the album, Continentals is marked as unknown.)

(Gms are reported to be Herman Montgomery, Danny Hicks, John “Peanut” Jones, James Gripper, James Vincent “Vinny” Cooper.)



Continentals (Hollywood CA) – Take A Gamble On Me/ Meanwhile Back At The Ranch, ’56 (Key 517)

(The Key back cover (as/ lists the gms as Ben Thomas Cruz of Fort Worth, Harry Nofal of Chicago, Dal Gleave of Richfield, Utah, Jay Moffett of Seattle and Ivan McIntyre.  I have not heard either song.  The book listed as part of the Rama group.)



Continentals (Eagle Label) (Bill Harris & The) – Danny Boy/ I’m So Glad, ’58 (Eagle 1002)

(A printing error also listed as the Essex label.  Need location of this Eagle label.  The design is different from the NY Eagle label #1002 with Joey Farr as the artist.)



Continentals (NY Label) – Don’t Do It, Baby/ Tongue Twister, ’59 (Davis 466)



Continentals (Philadelphia?) – Sad Love Affair/ White Buck Shoes, ’59 (Red Top 121)

(B-side scan not found.  #ing sequence from a Turbans’ release indicates this is the Irv Nathan and Marvin “Red Top” Schwartz label from Philadelphia.  Among the other Red Top labels one is from San Antonio TX.)



Continentals (Delaware) (Teddy & The)

– Tick Tick Tock/ Ev’rybody Pony, ’61 (Richie 1001 & Pik 235)

– Do You/ Tighten Up, ’61 (Richie 445)

– Crying Over You/ Crossfire With Me Baby, ’61 (Richie 453)

– Tick Tick Tock, ’62 (Rago 201) (The book lists the flip as Wild Christening Party by the Teen Kings.)



Continental Five as Continentals – My Lonely Friend, ’61 (Candlelite 412) (The flip is ‘Impossible’ by the Velvatones.)



Continentals (Atlanta) – It Doesn’t Matter/ Whisper It, ’62 (HunTer 3503)



Continentals (New Jersey) (Lenny & The) – Yankee Doodle Rock {I}/ Get Off The Road {I}, ’61 (Donmar 103) (Not in book.)


Continentals (New Jersey) (Lenny & The) – Little Joe & Linda Bee/ The Shuck {I}, ’63 (Tribute 119)

(Title corrections.  No scan for b-side.)


Continentals (New Jersey) (Lenny & The) (ft Dino & The Aladdins) – Dance The Last Dance/ Rosebud, ’63? (Tribute 125)



Ruth White & The Continentals – Give Us Your Blessings, ’63 (Candi 1029)

as The Continentals – Dog Time {I}, ’63 (Candi 1029)

As/ this BB was formed by Ruth White.  They are from Wilmington, Delaware but appear unconnected to Teddy & The Continentals on Vince Rago’s Richie label.



Continentals (Texas)

– No Money No Luck Blues/ Blues In The Night, ’63 (Vandan 8067) (Poor A-side scan found.)

– Pink Champagne, ’63 (Vandan 8453) (Some say unknown flip by Michael Ray.)


Continentals (Texas) (Vocal Ronnie) – My Baby Was-Ah Nowhere/ Kangaroo Hop (Vandan 8454) (Not listed in book.)



Mar-Vells (With D Jones & The Continentals) (Florida Group) – Go On And Have Yourself A Ball/ How Do I Keep The Girls Away, ’63 (Butane 778)



Continentals (Indiana Label) (Morris Rodgers & The) – Wonders Of Love/ The Leg, ’63 (Delta 601-602) (Book dated N/A.)



Continentals (Virginia) (Vocalist: Johnny Dee) – Man With A Broken Heart, ’63 (M 500)

Continentals (Virginia) (Ray Billings, Saxaphone) – Saxy Twist, ’63 (M 500)



Continentals (Louisiana) (Billy John & The)

– Ooh Pooh Pah Doo/ Does Someone Care (For Me), ’65 (N-Joy 1012)

– Lover Boy Blue/ Put The Hurt On You, ’66 (N-Joy 1014)

(Book dated both released 1962.  Label discos date 1965 and 1966.)



Continentals (Ohio) (Joey & The) (BV Graduates) – Linda, ’65 (Komet 1001)


Continentals (Ohio) (Joey & The)

– No One Can Made My Sunshine Smile/ Candy, ’64 (Abel 236) (As/  Not in book.)

– She Rides With Me/ Rudy Vadoo, ’65 (Claridge 304)

– Sad Girl/ Baby, ’65 (Laurie 3294)

(As/one source, lead is Joey Porellois and the Continentals are the band.)



Continentals (New York-Audio Fidelity Group) (Michael & The) – Little School Girl/ Rain In My Eyes, ’65 (Audio Fidelity 139)



Continentals (ref Benny/Bennie Martin) – Goodbye/ This Is Why, ’74 (Owl 331)

As/ ( Owl 331 is a bootleg of Astra 109 (Darling Goodbye/This Is Why (I Love You) by Bennie Martin.  It seems the book’s listing Astro 109 (1960) as Benny Martin is in error.  All other sources list as Bennie Martin.  Both Owl 331 and Astro/Astra 109 are the same songs.  See my post titled Benny/Bennie Martin.)



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