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Continentals (New York-Rama) – You’re An Angel/ Giddy-Up And Ding-Dong, ’56 (Rama 190)

  • Blue label as ‘You Are An Angel.’
  • Some sources locate group in the Bronx.


Group members as/ Marv Goldberg’s ‘Crows’ article are: “Bill Davis (formerly of the Crows), James Gooden, Demetrius Clare, Sidney Gray, and a baritone named Tommy.” 


Continentals (New York-Brooklyn?)

– Dear Lord/ Fine, Fine Frame, ’56 (Whirlin Disc 101

– Dear Lord/ Fine Fine Frame, ’59 (Port 70018))

– Picture Of Love/ Soft And Sweet, ’56 (Whirlin Disc 105 & Port 70024, ’59)

– Peace Of Mind (Relic 5036 B6)

  • Book listed as part of this group.  It has a similar sound.
  • Relic album is titled: The Golden Groups Vol.17: Best of Relic Records Part 2).
    • On the album, Continentals is marked as unknown.


Gms are reported to be: Herman Montgomery, Danny Hicks, John “Peanut” Jones, James Gripper, James Vincent “Vinny” Cooper.


Continentals (Hollywood CA) – Take A Gamble On Me/ Meanwhile Back At The Ranch, ’56 (Key 517)

  • I have not heard either song.
  • The book listed as part of the Rama group.


The ‘Key’ back cover (as/ lists the gms as: Ben Thomas Cruz of Fort Worth, Harry Nofal of Chicago, Dal Gleave of Richfield, Utah, Jay Moffett of Seattle and Ivan McIntyre.


Continentals (Los Angeles) (Bill Harris & The) – Danny Boy/ I’m So Glad (2.05), ’58 (Eagle 1002)

  • The ‘Eagle’ label design is different from the NY Eagle label #1002 with Joey Farr as the artist.


as The Tramps – I’m So Glad (2.05/ I Love You So (Arvee AV-1)

  • A seller states ‘I’m So Glad’ was originally released in 1958 asby the Tramps.


As/ 45cat, gms are: Beamon Young, Willie King, his sister Norma and Bill Harris.


Continentals (NY Label) – Don’t Do It, Baby/ Tongue Twister, ’59 (Davis 466)


Continentals (Philadelphia?) – Sad Love Affair/ White Buck Shoes, ’59 (Red Top 121)

  • B-side scan not found.
  • #ing sequence from a Turbans’ release indicates this is the Irv Nathan and Marvin “Red Top” Schwartz label from Philadelphia.
    • Among the other Red Top labels one is from San Antonio TX.


Continentals (Delaware) (Teddy & The)

– Tick Tick Tock/ Ev’rybody Pony, ’61 (Richie 1001 & Pik 235)

– Do You/ Tighten Up, ’61 (Richie 445)

– Crying Over You/ Crossfire With Me Baby, ’61 (Richie 453)

Tick Tick Tock, ’62 (Rago 201)

  • The flip is ‘Wild Christening Party’ by the Teen Kings (Delaware).


Continental Five as Continentals – My Lonely Friend, ’61 (Candlelite 412)

  • The flip is ‘Impossible’ by the Velvatones.


Continentals (Atlanta) – It Doesn’t Matter/ Whisper It, ’62 (HunTer 3503)


Continentals (New Jersey) (Lenny & The) – Yankee Doodle Rock {I}/ Get Off The Road {I}, ’61 (Donmar 103)

  • Not in book.


Continentals (New Jersey) (Lenny & The) – Little Joe & Linda Bee/ The Shuck {I}, ’63 (Tribute 119)

  • Title corrections.
  • No scan for b-side.


Continentals (New Jersey) (Lenny & The) (ft Dino & The Aladdins) – Dance The Last Dance/ Rosebud, ’63? (Tribute 125)


Ruth White & The Continentals – Give Us Your Blessings, ’63 (Candi 1029)

as The Continentals – Dog Time {I}, ’63 (Candi 1029)


As/ this BB was formed by Ruth White.

  • They are from Wilmington, Delaware but appear unconnected to Teddy & The Continentals on Vince Rago’s Richie label.


Continentals (Texas) – No Money No Luck Blues/ Blues In The Night, ’63 (Vandan 8067)

  • Scans found.


Continentals (Texas) – Pink Champagne, ’63 (Vandan 8453)

Continentals (Texas) (Vocal Ronnie) – Michael Ray, ’63 (Vandan 8455)

  • Scans found.


Continentals (Texas) (Vocal Ronnie) – My Baby Was-Ah Nowhere/ Kangaroo Hop (Vandan 8454)

  • Scans found. Not listed in book.


Mar-Vells (With D Jones & The Continentals) (Florida Group) – Go On And Have Yourself A Ball/ How Do I Keep The Girls Away, ’63 (Butane 778)


Continentals (Indiana Label) (Morris Rodgers & The) – The Leg/ Wonders Of Love, ’63 (Delta 601-602)

  • Book dated N/A.


As/ the band featured: Myron Thomas, Jerry Smith, Dave Miller, Kenny Foddrill, Steve Brinegar, Terry Blackwood, Johnny Fender and sometimes Janie Turner and Janet Rodgers.


Continentals (Virginia) (Vocalist: Johnny Dee) – Man With A Broken Heart, ’63 (M 500)

Continentals (Virginia) (Ray Billings, Saxaphone) – Saxy Twist, ’63 (M 500)


Continentals (Louisiana) (Billy John & The)

– Ooh Pooh Pah Doo/ Does Someone Care (For Me), ’65 (N-Joy 1012)

– Lover Boy Blue/ Put The Hurt On You, ’66 (N-Joy 1014) 


Book dated both released 1962.  Label discogs date 1965 and 1966.


Continentals (Ohio) (Joey & The) (BV Graduates) – Linda/ Will Love Ever Come My Way, ’65 (Komet 1001)


Continentals (Ohio) (Joey & The)

  • No One Can Made My Sunshine Smile/ Candy, ’64 (Abel 236)

– She Rides With Me/ Rudy Vadoo, ’65 (Claridge 304)

– Sad Girl/ Baby, ’65 (Laurie 3294)


As/one source, lead is Joey Porellois and the Continentals are the band.


Continentals (New York-Audio Fidelity Group) (Michael & The) – Little School Girl/ Rain In My Eyes, ’65 (Audio Fidelity 139)


Continentals (ref Benny/Bennie Martin) – Goodbye/ This Is Why, ’74 (Owl 331)

  • As/ (, Owl 331 is a bootleg of Astra 109 (Darling Goodbye/ This Is Why (I Love You) by Bennie Martin.
  • It seems the book’s listing Astro 109 (1960) as Benny Martin is in error.
  • All other sources list as Bennie Martin.  Both Owl 331 and Astro/Astra 109 are the same songs.  See my post titled Benny/Bennie Martin.


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