Contessas Groups

Contessas (Chicago) – Hard Guy To Please/ Boy Of My Heart, ’63 (Witch 113)

(No b-side scan.  Writing credits on a-side are ‘Gregory.’  Unknown group members.)


Contessas as Trinkets (Chicago) – Fisherman/ Nobody But You, ’63 (Cortland 111)

(Writing credits are: Catron, Erman & Jenkins.) (September 1963)



Contessas (California-White Quartet) – This Is Where I Came In/ I Keep On Keeping On, ’65 (E Records) (Not in book.)

(Gms: Suzanne Weir (lead), Sharon Johnson, Suzy Horton and Alyce Wheaton.  This is probably the first Jimmy Webb single.)

A note at the end of (which has group photos and history) says “Around the same time, on the opposite coast, there was another group using the name “The Contessas” recording on Witch Records. Some of their songs are floating around on the net as well, but they are a different group entirely. They were more of an R&B/Doo Wop outfit.”


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