Contenders Groups & Related Connections

Contenders (FL Label) spelled as Continders (ft Clifford Curry) – Mr Dee Jay/ Yes I Do, ’59 (Blue Sky 105)

  • The book, label discographies and other reliable sources date as 1959 but several Clifford Curry discographies date as 1965.
  • Musically Mr Dee Jay sounds more like 1959.


as Rollie Willis The Contenders The Matadors – Whenever I Get Lonely/ That’s The Way, ’62 (Saxony 1001)

Contenders (Cincinnati) (Rollie Willis & The) – Whenever I Get Lonely/ That’s The Way, ’93 (Saxony 2001)


Contenders (LA)

– The Dune Buggy/ Go Ahead, ’64 (Chattahoochee 644)

– Johnny B Goode/ Rise ‘N’ Shine, ’64 (Chattahoochee 656)


Contenders (Penn)

– The Clock (reissue)/ Look At Me, ’66 (Java 101)

– Lovely Lover/ Surprise, ’66 (Java 102)

– I Like It Like That/ Lovely Lover, ’66 (Java 103)

– Hetta Hetta/ I Know Somewhere, ’66 (Java 104)

– Gunga Din/ Wake Up In The Morning, ’67 (Whitney Sound 1929)

  • No scan for b-side.


previously Lytations as Zeppers – Let’s Forget The Past/ Rhythm Train, ’63 (Longfiber 202)

  • Book listed as Zippers.  Label scan confirmed as Zeppers.


previously Lytations as Five Scripts – Peace Of Mind/ The Clock, ’63 (Longfiber 201)


previously Lytations as 5 Scripts – You Left My Heart/ My Friends Tell Me, ’65 (Script 102-103)


previously as Lytations – Over The Rainbow/ Look Into The Sky, ’64 (Times Square 107)


previously Lytations as Kaptions – Dreaming Of You/ I Know Somewhere, ’66 (Ham-Mil 1520)


previously Lytations as Five Shits – Stormy Weather/ My Pretty Little Girl, ’70 (Chance 1163)


previously Lytations as 5 Shits (Formerly The Miracles) – Dreaming Of You/ Let Me Tell You, ’73 (Lost-Cause 100)

  • Let Me Tell You was a Lytations demo.


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