Consuls (Toronto)

Consuls (Toronto) (Abel Group) – Runaway/ I’m Happy, ’59 (Abel 222)


Consuls (Toronto) (Little Caesar & The) – (My Girl) Sloopy/ Poison Ivy, ’65 (Red Leaf 612 & Mala 512)

No relationship to Little Caesar & The Romans.


Consuls (Toronto) (Little Caesar & The) – Little Caesar & The Consuls LP, ’65 (Red Leaf 1001)

A-Side: My Girl Sloopy, Dancing In The Streets, You Really Got A Hold On Me, Hey Girl, A Thousand Miles Away, Shout.

B-Side: You Laugh Too Much, If, Just Like Romeo & Juliet, It’s So Easy, Little Heartbreaker, Poison Ivy.


There is a dated group member breakdown at


A 25-track CD on Cat King Cole #1024 as ‘Little Caesar And The Consuls‘ – ‘Still Hangin’ On’ includes more of their work:

1 Runaway,  2 I’m Happy,  3 If,  4 Two Bits,  5 Troubles And Trials,  6 Something’s Funny, Something’s Wrong,  7 I’ll Do The Same Thing For You,  8 Merry Mr Perry,  9 My Love For You,  10 My Girl Sloopy,  11 Poison Ivy,  12 You Really Got A Hold On Me,  13 It’s So Easy,  14 Hey Girl,  15 You Laugh Too Much,  16 A Thousand Miles Away,  17 Just Like Romeo And Juliet,  18 Finger Poppin’ Time,  19 Lose A Good Thing,  20 You’ve Got Personality,  21 Don’t Make A Fool Of Me,  22 Little Heart Breaker,  23 Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go,  24 You Cheated, You Lied,  25 Shout.