Consorts Groups

Consorts (NY) (Les Ledo & His) – Nina/ I Got Me A Sweetheart, ’59 (Nina 1601)


became Nick Marco & The Venetians – Little Boy Lost/ Would It Hurt You, ’60 (Dwain 813)

  • When Les Ledo left the Consorts, they recorded with Nick Marco on lead.


Consorts (Bronx) – Please Be Mine/ Time After Time (1.50), ’61 (Cousins 1004-unreleased & Apt 25066, ’62)

  • The book lists as Cousins 1004 (not #104) with a 1961 date.  Because of the change to release the sides on Apt, The Consorts #1004 seems legitimate.
  • The time for the Apt a-side ‘Please Be Mine’ is 2:30.
  • #1004 was subsequently used as a Guy Villari release on Cousins 1004.
    • There are scans for The Villari sides but not for the Consorts.


as Chuckles – On The Street Where You Live/ I’ll Wait, ’64 (West Side 1019)

as 4 Clefs – Please Be Mine (1.55)/ Time After Time (1.50) (re-issue?), ’66 (B-J 1000)


Consorts (Bronx)

– Barbara-Ann (Clifton EP 501-A1)

– A Fool In Love (Clifton EP 501-A2)

– Runaround (Clifton EP 501-B1)

– A Mother’s Love (Clifton EP 501-B2)

  • A group history on White Doo-Wop Collector indicates that while they were known as The Darts, the Clifton EP sides were recorded/unreleased in 1961 as demos for the Cousins label owner Lou Chiccetti.  They were released in the 1990s on the Clifton Label.


Consorts (Bronx) – Star Above/ Carrie, ’77 (Crystal Ball 111)


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