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Connotations (Original Group) – Two Hearts Fall In Love/ Before I Go, ’62 (Technichord 1000-1)


Connotations (Clifton Group) – Two Hearts Fall In Love/ Before I Go, ’78 (Clifton 25)

  • It is unknown if these sides were resung for Clifton or are a reissue of the Technichord release.
  • All I’ve heard are the same.


Connotations (Clifton Group) (Joel & The) – Zoom/ Stormy Weather, ’79 (Clifton 33)

  • Scans say recorded 4/5/74.


Connotations (Clifton Group) – When You Wish Upon a [sic] Star/ When I Fall In Love, ’80 (Clifton 51)


To provide addition information for this group, a youtube comment from Arnold Roth (in 2014?) is worth quoting here:

  • “Please…with all due respect, let’s set the record straight here! First, Dickie Harmon was one of 3 lead singers in the group! We, often, inter-changed parts! Secondly, no one, other than the 5 original members of the group, EVER sang with The Notations during our 5 year run! During the mid 60’s Jackie Davis (Bass), and Ben McKinnon (Barritone & Lead) were drafted into the armed forces, and I moved to New York City! Dickie Harmon (2nd Tenor & Lead) and my brother Ed Roth (2nd Tenor & Lead) were the only original members left in town! It may have been that other singers occasionally sang with the 2 remaining members on an ad hoc basis…perhaps! But, never, officially as The Notations! In addition, and most importantly, The Notations were one of the original mixed race groups of that time! Our official photo can be seen on YouTube, under: Notations – “You Should Know” Please check that out, as well! You may ask: How do I know all of this? I WAS THERE!  Arnie Roth (1st Tenor)!!!”


According to this comment, the gms of the Original Connotations are: Arnold Roth (1st Tenor), Dickie Harmon (2nd Tenor & Lead), Jackie Davis (Bass), Ben McKinnon (Baritone & Lead) & Ed Roth (2nd Tenor & Lead).


The Clifton Connotations gms would include: Dickie Harmon, Jackie Davis & Joel Katz.  

  • Another youtube source provides this information, but a different lineup for the original gms.


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