Concords Groups

Concords (Harlem) – Candlelight/ Monticello, ’54 (Harlem 2328)

Concords (Harlem) (Pearl Reaves & The) – You Can’t Stay Here (Step It Up And Go)/ I’m Not Ashamed (Ugly Woman), ’55 (Harlem 2332)


Concords (Unknown Male Group) – I’ll Always Say Please/ Satisfied With Rock ’N Roll, ’56 (Ember 1007)


Concords (Brooklyn)

– Again/ The Boy Most Likely, ’61 (RCA 7911)

– Cross My Heart/ Our Last Goodbye, ’61 (Gramercy 304)

– My Dreams/ Scarlet Ribbons, ’62 (Gramercy 305)

– One Step From Heaven/ Away, ’62 (Rust 5048)

– Marlene/ Our Love Wasn’t Meant To Be, ’62 (Herald 576)

– Cold And Frosty Morning/ Don’t Go Now, ’62 (Herald 578-first pressing)


Concords (Brooklyn) (Second Group)

– Should I Cry/ It’s Our Wedding Day, ’64 (Epic 9697)

– Down The Aisle Of Love/ I Feel A Love Comin’ On, ’66 (Boom 60021 & Polydor 14036, ’70)


as Sherwoods – Cold And Frosty Morning (re-release)/ True Love Was Born (With Our Last Goodbye), ’63 (Dot 16540)

as Snowmen – Cold And Frosty Morning/ You Started It, ’64 (Herald 597-second pressing)


Neil Scott (BB Concords (Brooklyn-uncredited)) (ref Clark McClellan) – Run To Me/ Tomboy, ’62 (Comet 2151)

Neil Scott (Mike Lewis Orch) (BB Concords (Brooklyn-uncredited)) – One Piece Bathing Suit/ Little Girl, ’63 (Herald 581)

  • A-side complete title is: (Chantilly, Silly Sort Of Daffy As A Dilly Little Fussy Little Frilly Little) One Piece Bathing Suit.


Ginny Michels (BB Concords (Brooklyn-uncredited)) – True Confession/ Everyone Was There But You, ’62 (Mala 446)

  • The song is included in the Concords LP with artist credited as ‘Ginny Michaels’.


Sue Kenny (BB Concords (Brooklyn-uncredited)) – Look/ A Fool In Love, ’63 (Tribute 118)

  • The book lists both the Casuals & Concords as the BB.
  • Both these titles appear on the Concords LP.


Concords (Roulette-uncredited) as Tony Colton – Goodbye Cindy Goodbye/ Tell The World, ’63 (Roulette 4475)

Concords (Roulette-uncredited) as Ricky Lisi – Don’t Go Now/ The River, ’63 (Roulette 4511)