Concords Groups

Concords (Harlem) – Candlelight/ Monticello, ’54 (Harlem 2328)

Concords (Harlem) (Pearl Reaves & The) – You Can’t Stay Here (Step It Up And Go)/ I’m Not Ashamed (Ugly Woman), ’55 (Harlem 2332)



Concords (Unknown Male Group) – I’ll Always Say Please/ Satisfied With Rock ’N Roll, ’56 (Ember 1007)



Concords (Brooklyn)

– Again/ The Boy Most Likely, ’61 (RCA 7911)

– Cross My Heart/ Our Last Goodbye, ’61 (Gramercy 304)

– My Dreams/ Scarlet Ribbons, ’62 (Gramercy 305)

– One Step From Heaven/ Away, ’62 (Rust 5048)

– Marlene/ Our Love Wasn’t Meant To Be, ’62 (Herald 576)

– Cold And Frosty Morning/ Don’t Go Now, ’62 (Herald 578-first pressing)


Concords (Brooklyn) (Second Group)

– Should I Cry/ It’s Our Wedding Day, ’64 (Epic 9697)

– Down The Aisle Of Love/ I Feel A Love Comin’ On, ’66 (Boom 60021 & Polydor 14036, ’70)


Concords (Brooklyn) as Sherwoods – Cold And Frosty Morning (re-release)/ True Love Was Born (With Our Last Goodbye), ’63 (Dot 16540)

Concords (Brooklyn) as Snowmen – Cold And Frosty Morning/ You Started It, ’64 (Herald 597-second pressing)


Neil Scott (BB Concords (Brooklyn)-uncredited) (ref Clark McClellan) – Run To Me/ Tomboy, ’62 (Comet 2151)

Neil Scott (Mike Lewis Orch) (BB Concords (Brooklyn)-uncredited) – One Piece Bathing Suit/ Little Girl, ’63 (Herald 581) (A-side complete title is: (Chantilly, Silly Sort Of Daffy As A Dilly Little Fussy Little Frilly Little) One Piece Bathing Suit.)


Ginny Michels (BB Concords (Brooklyn)) – True Confession/ Everyone Was There But You, ’62 (Mala 446)

(Label is for solo by artist.  The song is included in the Concords LP along with other artists’ songs they backed.)


Sue Kenny (BB Concords (Brooklyn-unverified)) – Look/ A Fool In Love, ’63 (Tribute 118)

(The book lists both the Casuals & Concords as the BB.  Both these titles do appear on the Concords LP.)



Concords (Roulette-uncredited) as Tony Colton – Goodbye Cindy Goodbye/ Tell The World, ’63 (Roulette 4475)

Concords (Roulette-uncredited) as Ricky Lisi – Don’t Go Now/ The River, ’63 (Roulette 4511)


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