Companions Groups

Companions (NJ or NY) (w Bob Mersey Orch) – Falling/ Oh What A Feeling!, ’58 (Dove 240)


Companions (Brooklyn) (ref Milton Bennett) – I Didn’t Know/ Why Oh Why Baby, ’59 (Brook’s 100B/101B)


Companions (Brooklyn) (ref Milton Bennett) – Why Oh Why Baby/ I Didn’t Know (You Got Married), ’60 (Federal 12397)


Companions (NYC) – I’ll Always Love You/ A Little Bit Of Blue (Dressed In White), ’62 (Columbia 42279)


Companions (w Irv Spice Orch) – How Could You/ No Fool Am I, ’62 (Amy 852 & Gina 722, ‘64) 


Philadelphia Groups:  They have a similar sound.  Are they the same group?


Companions (Philadelphia) – These Foolish Things/ It’s Too Late, ’63 (Arlen 722 & Gina 722, ‘64)

  • Writing credits: Marvell, Strachey, Link/ Cohen & Ginsberg.


Companions (Philadelphia) – Be Yourself/ Help A Lonely Guy, ’64 (General American 711)

  • The first pressing is # GA 002.
  • Writing Credits: W Hamilton-LC Scott/ L Huff/ LC Scott.


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