Combo-Netts (Various Spellings)

The book spelled all Combo-Nettes the same.  Scans identify the different artist accredition.


Combo-Netts (Jake Porter & The) – If I Had My Wish/ Hi-Diddle Diddle, ’55 (Combo 74)


Combonets (Clemons Penix & The) – No Evil, ’56 (Combo 117A)

as Clemons Penix – I’ve Been Searching, ’56 (Combo 117AA)


Combo-Nets (Jake Porter & The) – I Ain’t Got Time/ What Kinda Man Is This, ’56 (Combo 118)


Combonettes – Got To Have You Baby, ’88 (Relic LP 5076 (B8))


Any formal spelling of the group name is unknown.


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