Colonials Groups

Colonials (NY) (Bill ‘Bass’ Gordon & His)

– Two Loves Have I/ Bring My Baby Back, ’54 (Gee 12)

Two Loves Have I, ’56 (Gee 1007)

  • The flip is ‘Look At Me Girl’ by The Coins.


Colonials (Luxor Record Subsidiary-NY) – Why Didn’t You Tell Me Girl/ Where Is My Love, ‘65 (Senate 1003)

  • Date/ 45cat copyright info.


Colonials (Mt Kisco NY) – Little Miss Muffet/ Do-Pop-Si (Down Down), ’63 (Tru-Lite 127)

  • The book credited the group as the Colonairs.  Scans are as Colonials.


For more about this group (who they were & who they became) check out

  • Since there were various personnel involved in their groups, from the article it appears that the Colonial gms were: Bobby McGee (vocals), Ron Schwalbe (guitar), Rick Garfinkel (guitar), Pete McCormick (guitar), Tom Connolly (bass), Ray Smith (drums).
  • Member and date corrections are welcome.


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