Colonials Groups

Colonials (NY) (Bill ‘Bass’ Gordon & His)

– Two Loves Have I/ Bring My Baby Back, ’54 (Gee 12)

– Two Loves Have I, ’56 (Gee 1007) (flip ‘Look At Me Girl’ by The Coins.)



Colonials (Luxor Record Subsidiary-NY) – Why Didn’t You Tell Me Girl/ Where Is My Love, ’60 (Senate 1003) (Book dated N/A.)



Colonials (Mt Kisco NY) – Little Miss Muffet/ Do-Pop-Si (Down Down), ’63 (Tru-Lite 127)

(For more about this group (who they were & who they became) check out  The book miscredited the group as the Colonairs.  Scans are as Colonials.  Since there were various personnel involved in their groups, from the article it appears that the Colonial gms were: Bobby McGee (vocals), Ron Schwalbe (guitar), Rick Garfinkel (guitar), Pete McCormick (guitar), Tom Connolly (bass), Ray Smith (drums).  Member and date corrections are welcome.)


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